Understanding Your Metabolism

Understanding Your Metabolism

Understanding Your Metabolism: I’m 28, and my metabolism hasn’t kicked out yet like everyone said it would. I don’t think this is something that ever has to happen or really makes too much sense when you think about it. what is metabolism, anyway?

There is an answer, and I am pretty sure most of the diet supplement marketers aren’t 100% sure of what it is. The thing is, the metabolism is a LOT of different things put together. By “things” I mean organs doing stuff and the processes themselves. By “put together” I mean the organs are all connected, like some sort of…human centipede.

Everything is done in a sequence, so this whole process of metabolizing (from the time you’ve eaten the food to moments before you flush the toilet) is not viewed as a whole but as individual processes.
There are several key processes of human metabolism. I am only going to go over the ones at points where they can be manipulated.

Understanding Your Metabolism


course, we can limit the amount of food we take in, starting the metabolic process. I want to reinforce that this is not the beginning of the process. Our bodies and minds are dynamically linked prior to eating we have the desire to eat, or hunger.

When levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin change, one of the results is hunger…but what causes these hormones to change? Ghrelin levels in obese people are lower than normal. In those with anorexia nervosa, they have been shown to be very high. Studies done on people with low body fat, who don’t suffer from anorexia have nocturnal ghrelin increases…this points to a possible biological resistance to ghrelin both automatically or in the case of anorexia, neuropathic ghrelin resistance.

Overall, our appetites are able to be controlled if we control these two hormones ghrelin and leptin. Many people today use appetite suppressant’s to control their psychological reaction to these levels triggering hunger. Most appetite suppressant’s have the negative side effects associated with stimulants and amphetamines. There are a few however that don’t have stimulant properties:

There are several non-stimulant means of controlling your appetite: hot peppers are eaten at the point you feel hungry can make the desire to eat a little bit less for a short period of time.

Article: Understanding Your Metabolism

After which there several means of preparing and eating the food itself that will reduce a little hunger and help you avoid overshooting the biological response to stop eating respectively, basically by cooking your own food, and eating it slowly. there are several more of these you can find online. Try googling difference words and phrases like “keep hunger at bay” and “reduce the appetite”. Make sure to include “-” (the minus sign) before any words that would rule out stimulants or any quality of weight loss strategy or product that you don’t want.

Of course, there is a lot we can affect our weight by what we eat. The proportion of carbohydrates to fat to protein in our food choices is very important.

There are not many things we can do after the point of hunger for weight loss. The main idea here is to reduce the energy stored from metabolism occurs after this point. We would have already eaten the normal amount to bring us to fullness And we are trying to minimize the amount of stored energy from that food.

At this point, it’s useful to remember the usefulness of exercise! Exercise uses energy before it gets to the storage phase, which you can read more about at lowcarblowfat.net as I mentioned to earlier.

Exercise is an essential part of any kind of comprehensive weight loss plan, Another thing is that weight loss supplements aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be, even the stimulants.

It is something that encourages you to make healthier choices when eating. The key idea is to not take a weight loss supplement or appetite suppressant that is too strong for you as you should be eating 6 to 7 times a day (small meals) to maximize any of the weight loss or diet efforts you are currently doing.

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