The Metabolism Diet – Foods that Increase Metabolism

foods that increase metabolism

The metabolism diet focuses on eating foods that increase metabolism so that you burn more energy for weight loss, unlike other diets that involve reducing the amount of food and calories that you eat.

The benefits of increasing your energy consumption by decreasing your calorie intake are enormous not just to improve metabolism, but also for your health.

We need food and water to survive, if you try to lose weight by eating less and skipping meals, you may not get enough vitamins, nutrients, and energy that are essential for healthy living.

Eating Regularly can Increase Your Metabolism

Eating smaller well-balanced meals that contain foods that boost metabolism every couple of hours 6 times a day, will help you to burn more energy than eating the traditional 3 large meals per day.

Eating the right type and amount of food regularly keeps your body burning energy by having to continuously break down, digest and metabolize it throughout the day.

A lot of people I speak with struggle with this idea, as they see eating as the cause of their problems and they think if they can stop eating they will lose weight.

Reducing your meals and calories below what your body requires will give you initial weight loss, but will eventually lead to muscle loss and your metabolic rate will be reduced as a result.

A slowing metabolism will prevent weight loss and lead to fat being stored on the body in reaction, plus you are at risk of getting sick and injured if your body is not getting the energy and nutrition it requires for good health.

If you think of your metabolism as being like a furnace, you want a big fire burning fiercely within you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You need to feed this fire regularly good sources of fuel to keep it burning strongly.

Keeping your metabolism high means that all the food that you eat is burned for fuel and there is no excess to be stored as fat on the body.

Eating the correct type of food is critical for the metabolism and your good health.

What are the Foods that Increase Metabolism?

Foods that increase metabolism are those that require the most work from your body to break down and digest them (high thermic effect).

If you look at food as a whole, processed and refined foods have already been partially broken down before you eat them.

In the metabolism diet, it is very important that you avoid refined and processed foods.

Processing food not only makes it less nutritious but also easier for our bodies to digest, which has a number of unwanted consequences.

Consider the white flour used in white bread. Processing the whole wheat to give us white bread doesn’t just involve bleaching it white but also involves removing the outside bran layer and the wheat germ.

These are not only high in nutritional value but also require time and energy to be digested by the body. This means that white flour is more quickly digested than its wholemeal equivalent.

Being digested more quickly means that the carbohydrates that it contains are metabolized faster and the body has to react faster to do this. A rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin results as the carbohydrates in the bread is processed in a quick surge rather than a gradual release.

If you think of it like fuel, comparing whole foods to refined processed foods is like comparing rocket fuel to diesel, one is explosive and burns quickly the other provides a strong slower burning source of energy that lasts a lot longer for the same volume and requires far less maintenance to control.

Eating processed carbohydrates can have many unwanted side effects as your body struggles with the speed at which it is digested.

Short term it leaves you feeling tired and lethargic from the quick rise and fall in sugar and insulin levels, plus, you will feel hungry again very quickly due to the speed at which it is metabolized.

Long-term, insulin resistance, diabetes, and fat storage can all result from this constantly happening over time.

Do your body a favor by choosing the wholegrain unprocessed version of any food that you eat. This is not just good for your metabolism keeping it burning constantly over a longer period, but also for your health.

Avoid Saturated Fats!

Fat is Important in Your Diet – which ones and How Much?

Fats play a critical role in many functions within your body and are an essential part of the daily diet.

You are no doubt aware of the ease at which dietary fat is stored in the body. It has a very low thermic effect and is stored by the body very easily.

For this reason, it is important to eat only the unsaturated fats that play a major role in the healthy functioning of your body including brain function.

Good fats are easily identified as they are liquid at room temperature, they include sunflower, olive, sesame, safflower and fish oils.

The fats to be avoided are the ones that harden at room temperature that are used to flavor food like in chips and cakes, you find them in margarine and in red meats you buy at the supermarket and most fast foods.

Fat is an important part of the diet but you must know which ones to eat and how much. Try and avoid saturated fat and always cook foods with unsaturated or polyunsaturated oils.

A new way to eat foods that increase metabolism

My work has recently taken me to China where I made an interesting discovery about the way they eat. You will no doubt agree that the Chinese do not have the problems with obesity we have in the western world and it might be attributed to the way they eat their meals.

In China the meats and vegetables are always served first, the cooks take great pride in the flavor of the dishes they serve and they truly are very good at creating delicious meals. Taste aside, however, the meals are not served with rice, this came as a surprise to me as I always associated Chinese meals with rice.

In reality, however, the meats and vegetables are eaten first, which are metabolism boosting food and then rice is served at the end if you are still hungry after the main meal has been eaten.

By eating meals like this, foods with the higher thermic effect and the most nutritional value are eaten first ensuring that you always get a good serving of the foods that your body needs the most.

Compare this to western diets where everything we eat is accompanied by carbohydrates and saturated fats, like chips, rice, and pasta or is just a big serving of carbohydrates and saturated fats like pizza.

Article: The Metabolism Diet – Foods that Increase Metabolism

Eating smaller servings of lean meats and vegetables cooked in unsaturated fats at the start of every meal ie foods that increase metabolism and eating the carbohydrates at the end, you will be getting well-balanced meals and stop yourself from filling up on carbohydrates and fats which can so easily dominate meals and lead to excessive intake of calories.

Try this method it really works and you will find yourself getting very good at creating delicious meals. I now love cooking lean steaks or chicken with green vegetables and eating these first, finishing up with a small serving of rice or pasta at the end if I am still hungry.

If you are looking for an outstanding nutritional resource, that focuses on helping you burn fat, while addressing the importance of your metabolism and other critical issues, I highly recommend Burn The Fat to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Make the decision to eat healthy whole unprocessed food and fruit and vegetables and you will feel so much better as your energy levels stabilize.

Combining the metabolism diet with the techniques from Maximum Metabolism will help you to maximize your metabolism to burn excess fat, and live a healthier life.

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