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Soft Diet for Children and Colonoscopy

Soft Diet for Children and Colonoscopy
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There is nothing more worrisome than seeing sick children and not knowing what to do. However, for him to be completely healthy, it is necessary that you administer a soft diet for children.

Which consists, in giving special attention to their diet, including light and soft foods, so that the body can digest them quickly.

Recipe for soft diet for children

There is a wide variety of soft diet recipes that you can prepare for children when they are sick. Write down the following ones that are very nutritious:

  • Cereals and cottage cheese: This combination in foods provides vitamins and nutrients to the child, something indispensable that you will need in your diet soft menu for it can be prepared in the form of porridge combined with cream of rice, vegetable broth, and cottage cheese.
  • Rice soup with skinless chicken: This soft diet for children with diarrhea, could be prepared mid-morning, and serve it in small portions, you will see that the child’s defenses will increase little by little. In addition, it will provide many nutrients and vitamins to the body.
  • Fresh white fish: It can be prepared in the oven, boiled or in soups with some spices and seasonings such as parsley and bay leaf. Also, they will help children when they have digestion problems and if you are going to prepare a fumet you can add carrots or chicken pieces.
  • Boot, carrot and borage soup: These vegetables contain the necessary components, which help to soften the stomach lining and irritations. On the other hand, it favors digestion, because it contains enzymes and lactobacilli similar to the intestines and you can prepare it as a cream.
  • Fruits: These cannot be missing in a soft diet for children of digestive protection, these fruits must be well ripened and peeled. On the other hand, you can make pear and apple compotes with carrots, and add a little natural skimmed yogurt.

Diet for children with vomiting

If the child has vomiting, you may include the following foods:

  • Breakfast: A glass of light milk with cereals or milky ripe in small pieces.
  • Lunch: Rice soup with chicken and a banana.
  • Snack: Skimmed yogurt.
  • Dinner: White fish accompanied with steamed potatoes.
  • Desserts: Fruit salad or a juice, of your preference.

Soft diet for children with constipation

Constipation does not only attack adults, but also children. Therefore, it is important to know what diet to give and what foods should be integrated for their early recovery, some are:

  • Eggs: Can be used at any time.
  • Meats: Chicken and white fish.
  • Cheeses: Fat-free or spreadable, avoid mature cheeses.
  • Cereals: Brown rice, oats, soy bran, wheat germ and everything that contains fiber. Since, it allows a regular evacuation.

In conclusion, it is necessary to know what soft diet for children you will use because each disease will need specific foods. Therefore, if you meet all the instructions given by the pediatrician of the child, you will see how it will recover.

Soft Diet for a Colonoscopy

There is no doubt that a colonoscopic examination is usually very unpleasant and sometimes causes fear in patients. To lessen this discomfort, doctors suggest a change for a short time in the diet.

Many times the specialists show you how to make a soft diet to get a colonoscopy, however, if it does, here is the steps to follow in this regard.

What is a colonoscopy?

For this medical test a colonoscope is used, which is a device composed of a flexible tube at least one meter long and with a diameter of one centimeter, formed of other elements such as a camera that sends images to a screen. This is done for the diagnosis of diseases in the large intestine.

This device is inserted through the rectum of the patient to review the colon, it is essential that the intestine is as empty as possible. This is achieved with a soft and soft diet, which can be done three days before the test.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the colon knowing what can be eaten before a colonoscopy and through laxatives given orally and enemas. This is administered during the days before the test causing abundant diarrhea, getting clean colon.

Tips for making a soft diet before a colonoscopy

When going on a colonoscopic examination it is important to make a diet to prepare the digestive system.

  • Do not consume dark beverages such as black tea, coffee or black soda, gasified drinks containing red dye or red fruit juices are not recommended.
  • During these days, eliminate fruit and vegetables with seeds (such as passion fruit and tomato).
  • Do not take medications with iron.
  • Zero dark foods, such as liver, whole foods, legumes, berries and seeds.
  • Eliminate chocolate, sauces and drinks containing cocoa, cakes and nuts.
  • Dairy, fat and sausages are not allowed.
  • For nothing, consume alcohol or tobacco.
  • Do not eat high fiber foods two days before the test.

Food should be something that we take care of daily, not only at certain times, so you should consider the foods that you can consume on a soft diet before a colonoscopy. Here is a menu to follow:

Menu for the third day before the colonoscopy

To make a three-day colonoscopy diet we must comply to help with the previous preparation and this would be one of the days.

  • Breakfast: Cup of oatmeal without milk, toast of white bread and a hard-boiled egg.
  • Mid morning: Compote of pear.
  • Lunch: Spaghetti with shrimp, palm hearts and a lemonade.
  • Mid afternoon: Orange juice without fiber, which is strained.
  • Dinner: Baked hake, a piece of bread and asparagus au gratin.

Menu for the second day before the colonoscopy

For the second day before the exam you can get a menu like this to have a colonoscopy diet, or try to make it similar.

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and fat-free ham, unroasted white bread and linden with honey.
  • Mid morning: Lemonade hot or cold, as you prefer.
  • Lunch: Chicken soup without fat with rice and a brisket parboiled with salt.
  • Mid afternoon: A cup of chamomile.
  • Dinner: Baked cauliflower with palm hearts.

Menu for the day before the colonoscopy

The day before the study the diet is softer and softer, so you can take into account this option, as we want a diet without waste for colonoscopy:

  • Breakfast: Mushroom omelet with egg whites and an infusion of mint sweetened with honey.
  • Mid morning: Compote of pear.
  • Lunch: Chicken broth; mashed pears, apples and a lemonade.
  • Mid afternoon and dinner: Gelatin of a light color.

For the day of the exam, the doctor should tell you if you have to take any medication, laxatives or other necessary. On the day of the test, do not eat any solid food.

A special diet for perfect colonoscopy is to drink at least two glasses of water or some transparent drink before.

After performing the procedure you must follow the doctor’s instructions so that the recovery process is satisfactory.

Then you can continue your usual diet and forget about the soft diet before a colonoscopy.

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