Liquid Soft Diet

Liquid Soft Diet: Soft Diet for Gastroenteritis

Liquid Soft Diet
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The liquid soft diet is based on soft foods that are formed at room temperature in liquids, such as ice cream, gelatin, also include strained soups, tea, juices, milkshakes, and pudding.

You should not eat any very solid food while doing this diet.

What is a soft liquid diet?

The liquid soft diet is one where such solid foods are not consumed, it is recommended after a cycle of fasting due to a disease or digestive surgery, a colic, gastritis, ulcer, episodes of vomiting and diarrhea, intestinal virus or any disease of the digestive system, and is even ideal for making recipes for people who can not chew, or as a preoperative diet.

The objective of this liquid diet is to cause the least digestive stimulus, this with the purpose of preventing problems in its state of affectation or illness.

Foods allowed in liquid soft diet

You can eat and drink soft and liquid foods like the ones shown below:

  • Water, fruit juices, with pulp and nectars.
  • Margarines, butter, oils, flan, pudding, and cream.
  • Fruit and yogurt ice cream, honey, sugar, and syrups.
  • Creamy and creamy soup, consommé, broths, mashed potato or potato in the soup are excellent liquid foods.
  • Gelatin, tea or coffee with sugar or honey.
  • Refined and cooked cereals, such as oatmeal, rice cream and corn grits (cornstarch).

Foods to avoid in a liquid soft diet

While you are making a liquid diet without waste it is important that you know what foods you should avoid.

  • Whole grains, rice with hot sauces.
  • Red meat with a lot of fat or fibrous.
  • Smoked or fatty sausages, cheeses, dairy, and custard.
  • Bluefish and seafood.
  • Chocolates, fried foods, sauces, snacks, condiments, and pickles.
  • Tobacco and alcoholic beverages

Recommendations when you make liquid soft diet

When you do this complete liquid diet, it is suggested that you consider the following aspects:

  • Try to eat small amounts of food and eat several times during the day.
  • The food should be eaten warm.
  • Add a little salt to the food.
  • Eat slowly and chew well to aid digestion.
  • Rest at least 20 minutes after each meal.

Menu for a liquid soft diet

This can be done for at least three or four days, and progressively introducing food to continue with a normal diet.

Here liquid diet menus are recommended for the week you can do.

  • At breakfast: Take some juice or fruit such as apple or banana and a yogurt or sandwich bread with fresh cheese.
  • Mid-morning or snack: Take apple juice or pear, or cookies with some infusion.

As lunch and dinner options from Monday to Sunday you have:

  • Monday
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken and white rice.
  • Dinner: Steamed white fish with carrots.
  • Tuesday:
  • Lunch: Tortilla and noodle soup.
  • Dinner: Mashed potato with pumpkin and cooked ham.
  • Wednesday:
  • Lunch: Roasted potatoes and hake fillet.
  • Dinner: Boiled egg and cream of carrots.
  • Thursday:
  • Lunch: Veal fillet and green beans.
  • Dinner: Steamed rice and artichokes.
  • Friday:
  • Lunch: Steamed chicken with potatoes.
  • Dinner: Cheese and ham sandwich.
  • Saturday:
  • Lunch: Grilled loin with pasta and tomato.
  • Dinner: French omelet with ham and asparagus cream.
  • Sunday:
  • Lunch: Baked chicken with potatoes.
  • Dinner: Lettuce salad, fresh cheese, and cherry tomatoes.
  • Dessert: You can eat applesauce, skimmed yogurt or fresh cheese.

It is important to note that a liquid soft diet should not be done for a long time but only for a few days or the necessary time required, is recommended only under medical supervision. If it is necessary for you to be on this diet for a long time, ask your doctor what you can do to consume more calories.

Soft Diet for Gastroenteritis

Do you need a soft diet for gastroenteritis? Well, you must know the food that you can consume and its preparation to favor compliance with the diet. So, you can quickly recover from this condition.

Soft diet menu for gastroenteritis

The soft diet for gastroenteritis should help keep your body hydrated . Therefore, you should consume ripe fruits, vegetables, soups and drink plenty of water.

In addition, it must contain foods for gastroenteritis that are astringent that do not stimulate the tract.

Below is an example of diet for a day.

  • Breakfast: A piece of white bread with turkey ham, natural skim yogurt and a cup of tea.
  • Mid-morning: A small pear.
  • Lunch: One cup of chicken broth, half a cup of white rice, half a chicken breast and mashed potatoes. And any hydrating drink.
  • Mid-afternoon: A small apple.
  • Dinner: Baked or roasted fish, carrot and pumpkin puree and linden tea.

Foods to elaborate soft diet menu

You must consume soft foods that are easy to digest, which help to reduce inflammation of the digestive system, as this way you will be able to comply with a soft diet for gastroenteritis effectively.

The rice and its derivatives like the semolina of rice or the water of the cooking of the rice, although the ideal thing is to consume the white rice as such.

Also, refined wheat flour and its derivatives, such as wheat semolina, can be consumed because they do not provide fiber. So, you can eat boiled dry spaghetti.

Cooked carrots are a good choice, as a good source of pectin or soluble fiber, and as a soft diet it contributes to stool formation and decreases diarrhea. Zucchini and steamed or boiled pumpkin are ideal for inclusion in the soft diet for gastroenteritis. Above all, if diarrhea has decreased.

Do not forget to include lean white meats such as chicken, turkey, and fish. These proteins are free of fats and purines that contain red meat. On the other hand, ripe fruits like apple and quince favor you, because they are rich in tannins.

Which causes an astringent effect decreasing diarrhea and inflammation of the digestive tract.

The soft infusions of relaxing herbs are also ideal for diet gastroenteritis, being able to be chamomile or linden have an anti-inflammatory effect. Vegetable oils are recommended in small quantities for dressings. But not to sauté, sauté or cook with them.

Recommendations for an effective soft diet

Apart from choosing the right foods for the diet you need to complement it with a series of aspects that you must put into practice while you have gastroenteritis.

Make several meals but in a small amount so as not to force the digestive tract . It is advisable to chew food well and slowly to promote digestion. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration but preferably at room temperature.

It is vital to avoid irritating substances of the digestive tract, such as spicy condiments, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or caffeine. Lean meats should be white, well cooked or steamed and avoid frying.

Gastroenteritis can be very annoying because it is an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, a soft diet is recommended, if you are suffering from this condition, do not hesitate to start it.

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