Liquid Diets for Weight Loss

Liquid Diets for Weight Loss

Liquid diets for weight loss utilize drastic calorie reduction, which is how they work. Nutrition from liquids is highly customization in terms of health, taste, and satisfaction. At you’ll get all the facts and help you need to get the most out of your weight loss efforts. For starters, let’s clear up some myths:

You’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted or will ever need to know about liquid diets here, we also have the how-to for the best weight loss methods(based on ease and effectiveness.)

You will lose more weight by applying the information throughout this site.

Four basic types of liquid diets for weight loss:

Juice/smoothies– You don’t even have to use a juicer! A blender and strainer will usually work fine for juicing. Juice allows for an endless variety of combinations to create unique and delicious concoctions. There’s also a wide variety of prepackaged smoothies and shakes that are enriched with additional nutrients available at most retail locations. Health food stores will be your best bet for finding quality mixes and products. Also, visit our weight loss drinks page for some delicious recipes and pre-packaged drinks!

Meal Replacement- Rather than using a full liquid diet, replace one or two meals per day with a liquid option. In this case, you will want lunch to be your’heaviest’ meal of the day as that will give you the most time to burn off the calories you take in. Consuming at least one solid meal during the day is necessary if you want to incorporate any kind of strenuous exercise into your plan.

Staggered- Selecting a certain number of days out of the week to consume liquids only. Some find it more effective (despite being more restrictive) to do a number of days in a row. Days on will only permit light exercise such as a light walk, but your body needs to stay mostly at a state of rest when applying this method

All Vegetarian- Consuming meals that contain no animal products. This method excludes some prepackaged shakes and smoothies from your diet, somewhat limiting emergency food options. However, if you plan on creating your own juices or smoothies from organically grown produce, you will still have plenty of variety for your meal options. You will want to incorporate more vegetables than fruits into your diet as fruits contain a lot of sugar and vegetables possess better nutritional properties.

Which type is right for you?

The easiest to start with is a meal replacement. You can switch one meal day to a liquid meal and barely even notice the calorie reduction! (see our weight loss drinks page for recipes and products)
Many people go from meal replacements to stagger or even combine them. A highly combinable diet that goes well with staggered liquid diets AND has received a lot of praise is J.U.D.D.D.D.
Of course, juice diets are great too, and we have lots of recipes and a list of products. Unlike staggered which says when to drink, juice diets say what to drink. While many people on a juice diet(also called a juice fast) don’t consume solids at all though it doesn’t help with weight loss (outside of fewer calories) We recommend you juice fast on a staggered liquid diet or as a meal replacement, but not day in day out unless you have a medical reason or you’re trying to win a bet.
Full liquid diets are for medical reasons. The health impact is too great for mere weight loss.


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