How to Lose Weight With the Liquid Diet Personal Experiences

how to Lose Weight With the Liquid Diet

How to Lose Weight With the Liquid Diet I personally have tried juice fasting twice. The first time, it wasn’t much to speak of. I wasn’t getting what I needed to maintain balance in my nutrition. I was drinking water and orange juice, taking a multivitamin and very sparingly (only cause I always had) took fiber, usually from psyllium seed husk powder, like Metamucil or I’d get it from gas station fiber bars, making sure to get the ones with 8+ grams per bar.

I thought I was getting the essentials. Less than one week into my diet, I knew it was doomed. Self-control seemed impossible…I craved everything I saw…it was a frustrating foray into futility for sure as I lost 1 pound after 9 days when I gave in. It occurred to me that if I’m hungry during a diet, the diet is already ill-fated. Being hungry, eating bad tasting “food”, constant cravings…I focused on the bad parts common to dieting as an indicator of my diet was going to be effective.

I was also taking liquid diets to far in that I felt the most important part is to not eat solids…Well, as it turns out, even a meal replacement shake is considered liquid dieting. There is little benefit from consuming only liquids in any diet unless there is a specific medical reason. I was under the impression too that drinking lots and lots of fluids would “cleanse me.” As far as real cleansing, too much liquid can actually prevent our cleansing organs (the liver and kidneys namely) from functioning properly. Too much of any fluid be it to fruit juice, vegetable juice, pop, soup…even milk and our body cells start to swell up with like a cactus holding rainwater. This creates internal cellular pressure and limits the effectiveness of most of the bodies organ(s).

It can even lead to hydrocephalus if taken to the extreme. No one should ever consume a gallon of fluids in the same day..basically, it is mostly pointless and a little dangerous.

The general rule of thumb I discovered is to drink when thirsty…yes, this is what many if not most nutritionists go to school to learn. Many of you have heard the 8 glasses of water rule…well, there is a lot wrong with that…A. A glass is not a measurement (My drinking glasses are huge) 9 glasses would be almost 300 ounces. Also, people are different sizes and retain water at different rates. By paying close attention to your body, you’ll feel thirsty when you need water and when you don’t, well, do whatever!

If one were to replace their favorite “junk food” (eaten +/- on a daily basis), let’s say a cheeseburger with a glass of tomato juice once a day. The benefits, effectiveness, and ease of weight loss can be great!

The ritual is altered but with a little imagination can stay the same, same time same place, same hunger, different food choice.
So don’t be shy, let us know your experiences with liquid diets…If you had a bad one, what did you learn? If your experience was good, what did you learn?

Article: How to Lose Weight With the Liquid Diet Personal Experience:

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