How to lose 10 pounds in a week

lose 10 pounds in a week

Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a week? First of all, note that a pound fat is equivalent to about 3,500 calories, and about 10 lbs of fat are equal to about 3500 calories.

Since the everyday calorie is about 2500 calories, every week, 17,500 calories (2500 * 7 days) are the highest calories that one person can handle with diet. The loss of five pounds in a week can not be avoided by eating any meal. Some additional weight will be lost by water, but it will not be permanent. As Tom Thomas said: “diet is just half-fighting” and it is absolutely correct in this example.

An additional 5 pounds per week to reach your 10 pounds per week, you should also recommend 2500 calories a day. It can be achieved by running the marathon or 26.2 miles a day.

Simple Strategy to lose 10 pounds in a week

It’s very easy!

Take 12-15 lbs weight.

Stand up with weight and measure your weight.

After a weeks stand on weighing machine without weight and measure.

Congratulations! I lost ten or more of these pounds in weeks.

Stop! If it is very easy losing 10 pounds, then you have to see 100 models on each road.

Be serious and follow the procedure below. I believe in around 10 pounds but if you are dedicated you will lose more lose 10 pounds in a week.

  1. Exercise for approximately 40-45 minutes daily for a week. Weight training should be included in a week with additional training.
  2. Plans for the good diet like proteins, low carbon, and almonds, walnuts, and olive oil.
  3. Drink more water, drink a liter of water when you wake up.
  4. No carbs after 6 pm.
  5. Good sleep

Top 8 Ideas to lose 10 pounds in a week without exercise

1. Dim the lights

Despite what you think is a child, it has been known that darkness is not very scary after all. A new study from Cornell University may be as simple as closing a secret light to feel more satisfied with the food. The researchers found that people who ate under hot light consumed 175 calories a day compared to people who were not happy in bright spots. The study participants, under mood lighting, ate 18 percent of the food on their dishes and classified their food “more enjoyable” under the bright light. Scientists believe it to be because fast food restaurants may cause fluorescent lights usually harsh psychological need to escape the food see and put a candle or two light bar Dainrtaim to eat more, maybe less enthusiastic to reduce your diet.

2. Become a direct shooter

It can look elegant, but curved, curved drinking cups on your table can cause seals on the thighs and additional frames between you. British study consumption found that people were more than 60 percent alcohol, sugar, soft drinks, and juices, if they drank glass, they were husky, not directly Tumblr. Researchers estimate that people drink faster-curved cups because when you are halfway it is difficult to say because you will soon get another drink and consume more.

To satisfy the space and speed of your sips, pour the drink (alcohol or alcohol) directly into the glass form. If you usually drink 60% less, breakfast equals 8 calories at breakfast, calories are saved in the morning. If you drink sweet iced tea, 48 calories are saved at lunch. Or consume at dinner or happy hours about 40 calories a few Chardonnay

3. Hold some winks

Got a bad case from Bobs Head? Many studies say that if you can overcome hunger compared to the bright eye and the brave tail. A Mayo Clinic study shows that sleep is less than 6 hours at night, which can consume an extra 500 calories per day.

Medical psychology says Behavioral Department Nurbayoloji, Ph.D., University of Tubingen and individual researchers, Manfred Holshmid, Ph.D., it can feel hungry how you lose sleep and can reduce calories. Study on sleep consumption and calories. “Sleep deprivation can increase hunger hormone levels like hunger,” he says. DR. According to Holsmid and Striking Gerlinin level, hormones that adjust your appetite when you are well rested, you can find some extra calories.

4. Do not say, “I can not”

Whether you are trying to avoid fast food, Halloween, or Thanksgiving dinner, do not tell yourself what you can not eat. A new research has said that if you keep it slightly different and focus on what you do not eat then you will get better results. Researchers say that “it can not seem to be” like punishment in comparison to health, which creates a sense of self-denial that can stimulate your motivation. On the other hand, reminding yourself that you do not eat certain foods, help your desire to lean toward a healthy lifestyle.

An example: Researchers cannot “eat” when a group of people split up and “not account” in crossing the “piece of candy” for one of the most healthy granola bars, 64 percent of those pins – But the “30%” group has not only selected healthy snacks. Then cut “can’t” and take yourself toward small parts of healthy food.

5. Think Thin

Think you’re overweight? Think Again A new research reveals what you think about food and your waist can be determined to be healthy for your diet and your success. Find out that you can reduce your target weight by “full” or “fat”, even if you are physically active.

10 years, 59% of women who started with an average body mass index of 20, but they felt they were overweight, finished packing on weight and controlled more than 25 to control their body mass index Susan Elbers, a specialist psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, says, “Writing 50 ways to suit yourself without food” writer. “It’s your life’s mentality to lose weight.

6. Stop stare at the sugar

When you think of your business, you commit yourself to a healthy diet, and suddenly sudden desire to eat junk food destroys your good intentions, so do not you hate yourself? To help you maintain this desire for choice, a new study states that when you see high food in fat, high-calorie intake or photos of sugar, you should look at the other side. This is the brain that tests have shown that images of austerity treatment, parts of the high-calorie brain that cause the appetite and control of the reward center, is the reason for encouraging, Kathleen Page, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Southern California and chief author of the study it is said. What should you do when you show TV ads about high-calorie foods? Go to the kitchen and take a quick look at some healthy foods to stop your brain reward center.

7. Make your whistle wet

If you prepare food with calorie water, instead of fried potatoes or potatoes or other food items, you may be more likely to be curious about vegetables than the rich in fat and calorie chips. Researchers at Oregon University say that the combination of food drinks can affect the number of calories we eat and the types of foods we choose. In the study, adults who were in association with water were more likely to eat their vegetables and if they were drinking soft drinks, then other health food options were more likely to be made. In addition, this is named after a large number of participants in the form of best drinking water coupling with low-calorie healthy foods, while the highest percentage of soda drinks to accompany the pizza or French fries recorded. Put yourself in the water for long periods, not soda, before meals, maybe your hunger suit.

8. Look forward to eating

Are you cool for lunch? Did you get a Thanksgiving dinner or other meal? Go ahead and keep imagination! Dr. Helchmed says that glycinin can reduce the level of hunger hormones than food. In one study, they found that before thinking about eating and eating food before bending on the table helps to control the level of greenery, so people consume fewer calories during meals. Dr. Halchmid says: “Aspiration for food can have a positive effect on eating control, because it leads to a feeling of fullness early, and supports this feeling of fullness such as breakfast and high-calorie look. ”

We hope following these strategies and ideas you will lose 10 pounds in a week and if you want to lose 20 pounds in a week you have to work out more than normal and soon you will see the result.

How to lose 10 pounds in a week with exercise

If you wanted to lose weight you can more than lose 10 pounds in a week, you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week because the weight will be water weight.

Many others have done this because most of them weigh the water on startup. You can do it without even Jim. In fact, if you really want to exercise and eat properly, you can lose more weight in one day.

Strong determination –

First of all, you need to force a very strong desire to lose weight.
Promise yourself that in whatever situation you will not come back.
Now that you have a strong will, you can see the steps given below.


Wake up in the morning, wear your shoes and run!
Run as far as you can. If you can not race, then move lightly. Increased metabolic activity and lead burn fat.
Make a chart – keep in mind how much time your account is running. Try to increase the duration on a daily basis.

Start with 15 minutes of walking twice a day (morning and evening).


Start with air squat.
Start with 20, twice a day.
Note: Your feet may get badly hurt first, but you will gradually use it. do not leave !!

Then go to push-ups.
Do as much as you can in the beginning and increase the group and the repetition.


You have to see what you eat.
Eat carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.
2. Drink protein shake after heart disease.
3. Drink more water than usual.
4. Switch to Crazy.

1- Stop eating fast food such as burgers and pizzas. There are enough calories to make them bloated.
2. Do not eat too much at a time. Eat small meals to increase your metabolism.
3. Avoid butter, milk and other dairy products. Avoid rice.
4. There is a small meal for dinner.

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