Easy weight loss diets are hard to resist

Easy weight loss diets

Easy weight loss diets are hard to resist: It seems many people believe there is no such thing as easy weight loss. And if you do come across someone talking about an easy way to lose weight, it may raise a few red flags. Let’s face it, easy is a word that has lost a lot of meaning through being associated with commercial weight loss slogans and other marketing efforts. Let’s not forget its meaning and try to find some plans that are actually easy.

To understand how to find a weight loss plan that is easy, let’s look at what makes certain ones so hard. I have done a number of boolean searches (I’ll post them at the bottom) to generate results where people talk about diet downsides in a conversational manner. Here are the common complaints concerning dieting downsides, click on one to go to that part of this page:

  • lack of energy
  • can’t eat one’s favorite foods
  • loss of lean muscle mass/strength
  • health consequences (with certain diets)
  • regaining weight after the diet
  • maintaining willpower is difficult

Lack of energy is pretty much across the board. There are weight loss plans where lack of energy doesn’t seem to be an issue, however, like when mood/energy enhancing stimulants are used or with certain programs that deal with the dieter’s entire lifestyle (some of these programs give you lots of effective strategies for maintaining your normal mood and energy).

You’ll most likely experience the greatest loss in energy going on a carb cutting plan, using a meal replacement or on a liquid diet (I go over adding generic supplements to compensate for this on other pages.) That being said, this is the one thing that is potentially an issue with any program. Remember this, weight loss is a result of the body burning excess fat and other body cells due to there not being enough chemical energy entering the body for adequate cellular function. When the body gets energy from fat stores, it doesn’t convert as easily and because of it is a whole process, the switch to fat burning is gradual and always a step behind. So, energy loss is not merely a result of weight loss, it is weight loss.

A lot of people claim the biggest thing that makes their diets hard to follow are the foods they are either required or restricted from eating. Don’t think that you have to avoid certain foods unless of course, you have a medical reason to or the food has no nutritional value at all. Only in a carb cutting program and certain other niche diets are it important to avoid indicated foods and only because of certain compounds and chemicals that make up that food, not the food as a whole.

Its a no-brainer that nutty bars and fried candy bars should be avoided, they contain an enormous amount of fat and sugar. However, some diets would have you avoid pizza, which is a highly nutritious food! Basically, if you know what your eating based on its food components like fat, carbs, and sodium rather than based on the kind of food it is you should be able to eat almost anything so long as you compensate for it with other foods. Instead of “because I ate that ham steak, its steamed celery for the rest of the day.” think “because I ate that mostly protein and fat food I should round it off with some of my favorite vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy.

Another concern is the loss of lean muscle mass. Which goes hand in hand with low energy levels. Typically, if you’re tired you’re not getting as much chemical energy (food) compared to what you’re used to your also (understandably) not exercising.

The feeling is the difference and it is the reason dieters just can’t work up the energy to exercise, and perhaps they shouldn’t (their jobs or hobbies may be exercise enough!) However, muscular atrophy is a side effect that can easily be avoided by getting enough protein, all the essential amino acids and vitamins (particularly A B12 and C) in your diet and the smallest amount of exercise.

You barely have to exercise at all to keep from losing muscle. Here is a link to the eHow page on probably the easiest exercise I’ve ever seen called R.O.M. (range of motion) exercise. This particular type is intended to prevent atrophy (muscle loss) in bedridden individuals. I figure most of you are probably a lot more able than these people, I merely chose R.O.M. exercises to show how little one needs to work out to prevent atrophy.

So yes, it takes exercise to keep from losing muscle and strength…but it is a laughable amount. Many times if you are losing muscle, it is because you’re not getting the basic nutrients your muscles need (as described above) to rebuild themselves. There are many foods and supplements you can add to almost any diet without any negative impact on your actual weight loss.

Health consequences are another thing that can keep a diet from being easy, at least in the body. Mostly the hard part is avoiding health consequences. I go over all the nutrients your body needs (regardless of the diet) on other pages, and this can be easily learned from the web. On this page, however, I am referring to health consequences as a result of added substances and supplements. First, I have to debunk something. ”Natural” does not in any way mean safe or healthy. At the same time, “synthesized” or “artificial” certainly does not mean unhealthy or dangerous.

Artificial means “created by humans” and artificial ingredients are made in a controlled manner and almost always in accord with rigorous standards.
The fact that a food comes solely from nature doesn’t mean it exists to make us healthy. Spinach doesn’t contain lots of iron because we needed it to. Plants use iron for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, while humans use an iron to facilitate oxygen delivery. Its merely a coincidence that both organisms need and contain this common element.

Now, lets take a look at another natural substance. Lophophora williamsii is a cactus that grows in the southwestern United States. It has evolved naturally to produce a natural chemical during long dry spells which it uses to naturally speed its growth so it can store extra water when it rains. So what is this 100% organic, pure, from-the-earth substance?

It is mescaline, one of the most powerful hallucinogens on earth, and a Schedule I drug.
On that note, refined foods are not automatically “bad” either. To refine means to isolate a particular compound. Basically, it is purification. It’s only the process of refining that can for certain foods and in rare cases create some harmful byproducts.

Basically, the only thing that matters is the substances themselves and NOT how or where they originated. You have to look at each substance you are not sure of and decide based on whatever documented unbiased research you can find how that substance will affect your body and mind.

That brings me to the last two, which are one in the same. Gaining weight back and willpower. Willpower is required when you are trying to resist or maintain something. In a weight loss program, willpower is required to resist junk foods and any other unhealthy choices. But let’s break it down further. We start a weight loss plan because we want: to lose weight.

We eat junk food (and other “bad” stuff) because we enjoy it, though it will hinder weight loss efforts. We use our willpower because we can’t resist torturing ourselves for some reason. Willpower is not required at all if we make a complete 100% commitment from the beginning. If we suffer every time there is a free cheesecake giveaway, its because we are mentally going back and forth between our desire to eat junk and our desire to lose weight. But if we are 100% committed to our diet from the start, we won’t spend time thinking about eating things that would negate the diet, since that would be pointless.

If you know all of what is required for the particular weight loss plan and then make the choice to commit to it, you should be able to complete it. You’re not going to start a program you know you won’t be able to maintain! Basically, once you understand what you have to do you make the choice to either do it or not. In summary, I’d like to quote an ancient Buddhist saying…When standing just stand, when sitting just sit, above all, don’t wobble.

Thanks for reading, I wish you all the luck. Below you’ll find some links to some of my other articles on the subject and the boolean search strings I promised above which you can copy and paste into google.
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Search Google (copy and paste what is in green):
to find weight loss program downsides: “weight loss” “greatest OR biggest downside OR shortcoming OR disadvantage” -sale -”buy now”
by the phrase: “downside OR shortcoming OR disadvantage of the OR this * is *” “weight loss” -sale -”buy now”
If you’d like to know more about boolean searches click here.

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