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Do you know how many sugars contain our favorite foods?

Do you know how many sugars contain our favorite foods
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Ferrero has declared February 5th as the “World Nutella Day”. The opportunity to remember that since its recent change of composition, the famous spread has even more sugar than before.

This article devoted to the new formula of Nutella which reaches records for its sugar content is republished on the occasion of the “World Nutella Day”, marketing operation reproduced annually on February 5th. It was initially posted on Sciences et Avenir’s website on November 8, 2017.

We consume too much sugar: the chorus is well known, and the health consequences, very real. In question the content of hidden sugars that industrialists do not hesitate to push up. Like Ferrero, maker of the famous Nutella spread: a German consumer association discovered in 2017 that a change in formula in the dough with hazelnut, bringing to 56.3% (against 55.9% previously) it’s sugar content.

Sugar in more than half of the Nutella pot

In addition, a pot of Nutella now contains 8.7% of skimmed milk powder, against 7.5% previously, also indicates the Central Consumer Protection Hamburg. For its part, Ferrero evokes a simple “adjustment as do other brands regularly. The quality (…) and all other features of the Nutella have remained the same,” says the brand, already accused in the past to contribute to deforestation for its massive use of palm oil.

FOOD. At a time when the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends limiting the consumption of “free” sugars (added by the industrialists themselves in processed products) to less than 10% of their total energy, However, sugars persist in our diet. And they sometimes hide where they are least expected! The quiz below proposes to test your dietary culture, through 10 questions, as many foods for which you will have to estimate as accurately the number of squares of sugars (6 g per piece of sugar) which are contained there.

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