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Orange is a very popular fruit around the world, its taste and availability make it chosen by most people.

Its origin goes back to 4000 years ago in Asia, whose production stood out in the south of China and the Himalayas.

Later it was cultivated in Africa, Europe and America, reaching cultivation in all the Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, Israel, India, Australia and in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Its uses are versatile as its properties, ranging from culinary to medicinal and therapeutic uses. It is a great ally when it comes to incorporating vitamins and minerals into the body, especially vitamin C.

Its fresh aroma is the choice when it comes to aromatizing environments and of course, it is one of the best known for aromatherapy for its therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of the orange

It is good for all types of hair, how to use it?

Hair care is essential, dry or damaged hair, opaque, brittle, may be a sign of a health problem, so it is advisable to take special care in the changes that may occur in the hair.

Daily hair care can be harmful because of the number of products available on the market that contain ingredients that can be aggressive with the hair and cause dryness and weakness of the hair strand, the opposite effect to what is desired.

It is for this reason that it is advisable to use products whose composition is natural or failing to make lotions based on fruits such as orange, to have better results and return silkiness and shine to the hair.

The ingredients that must be taken for the preparation of this treatment are the following :

  • A tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Approximately two oranges.
  • A lemon.
  • A spoonful of honey.

Preparation of orange treatment:

  • You should cut the oranges and the lemon in half and squeeze their juice.
  • Honey and olive oil are placed in a container and mixed with the juice of the orange and lemon.
  • Then all the ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mixture is left.

Application on hair

  • The mixture should be applied to the hair
  • We proceed to perform a capillary massage for at least two minutes.
  • A bathing cap is placed to leave it in the hair for at least one hour.
  • After the time elapsed, the hair is shampooed, as is customary to do.


The function of the orange as a conditioner is carried out through the juice extracted from its shell, which gives healing to damaged hair, since it works as a great conditioner and intensively repairs the hair.

The process by means of which the orange peel juice is obtained is grinding its peels, it is added to the result obtained or juice, a spoonful of honey and water to obtain a paste that will serve as a conditioner.

It is left in the hair for around 5 to 10 minutes and is rinsed, with its frequent use you will obtain healthy hair with a natural shine and pleasant to the touch and sight.

Provides excellent skin benefits


Wrinkles in the skin are the result of aging, which is produced by the loss of elasticity and nutrients that occurs over the years, so it is desirable that after 30 years of age, measures are taken preventive with the use of natural products to prevent the premature arrival of the fearsome wrinkles.

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles it is necessary to use antioxidants for the skin since they are one of the main causes of skin damage notorious for the early appearance of wrinkles. The orange specifically the juice extracted from its shell is very rich in antioxidants so it would be an effective and natural alternative when it comes to providing the skin with protection against this condition.

Increase in skin smoothness

The orange contains among its components vitamins and minerals essential to show healthy skin and soft to the touch.

Among the most outstanding components of orange is Vitamin C, whose function in the skin is to increase the softness and return the elasticity of it, producing a smooth and smooth skin.

The appearance that it provides to the skin is healthy since it reduces the open pores and eliminates the impurities of the same to revitalize the skin and prevent the appearance of acne or any type of infection.


The vast majority of women seek a healthy skin and get a clear and clean appearance,so the market is collapsed with endless moisturizers and lightening that not all the desired effects arises, adding to this the high cost of same.

So in these cases, it is better to opt for natural alternatives such as orange, which gives a healthy skin without the need to make large expenses on creams whose components are the most artificial and harmful.

The part of the orange used to obtain lighter skin is the skin, which is considered a natural lightener since it eliminates dark spots, tans, sun damage produced on the skin, as well as being used as a protective agent against environmental agents and in the sun.


The skin of the orange in the form of pulp can fight free radicals since it contains a high degree of vitamin C in its composition, 135 mg of vitamin C can be obtained with only 100 g of orange peel.

Vitamin C provides the necessary strength for the body to fight free radicals, promoting a remarkable improvement in health. A deficit of vitamin C can be notorious, since it is evident in the health of the skin, its annexes and in general of the whole body.


The appearance of healthy skin is the end that every person should have, good health is reflected in the skin.

Therefore, it is essential to seek healthy and preferably natural alternatives to provide the necessary nutrients to the skin and ensure that it remains moisturized and protected from the harmful environmental agents to which it is subjected on a daily basis.

The orange is a powerful and natural revitalizer for the skin, improves the appearance and does it from the inside out, providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins for its regeneration and maintenance.


The orange possesses antiseptic properties potent by the presence of the lemon tree in its composition, so it is an ally when it comes to preventing infectious diseases of bacterial type, or by deep ones, that can affect the integrity of the skin and cause harmful effects and produce Itching, irritability or redness of it.

Orange also acts to improve the absorption and production of calcium, in studies conducted it was found that 100 g of orange peel are associated with 161 milligrams of calcium. So your daily consumption is essential to prevent calcium deficit in the body another reason that can lead to problems of itching or irritability in the skin.


The orange peel is an excellent facial cleanser , with the application of the juice of the orange peel and applying them to the face will obtain a deep cleaning, it should be rinsed as quickly as possible.

Having these beauty tips will provide people with both health benefits and appearance of the skin, as well as an improvement in the economy since cosmetic products for this purpose, are obtained at very high prices and if you have a simple orange you can get amazing results without the need for overspending.


As already mentioned the orange peel has powerful antiseptic properties, so using its juice in a repaired together with ingredients such as yogurt can produce a deep exfoliation, which would limit the impurities of the skin and will produce the improvement of the skin. Acne and prevent its recurrence, producing healing and regeneration of the surprising skin.

The application of the mixture should be done with the fingertips in a circular way, let it act for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

This mixture will help to cleanse the skin deeply eliminating excess fat that covers the pores, ensuring a healthy appearance.


The peel of the orange is a powerful natural bleach and is excellent when controlling the fat and therefore the acne is concerned.

The high content of vitamin C helps to regenerate the layers of the skin, so it is indicated for various types of treatments that include an improvement to the health and appearance of the skin. It is only necessary to dry the orange peels in the sun and then moisten and pass on the skin that needs to be bleached.


Acne is a problem that affects the vast majority of people at any stage of life, so it is a condition that requires absolute care and high costs in them.

The orange is an ally when it comes to fighting this condition, as it provides a deep cleaning eliminating bacteria that may be causing this problem, as well as the excess of fat that clogs the pores.

It also produces a regeneration and healing of the skin, preventing scarring and propitiating proper nutrition and balance to the skin to prevent reoccurrence.


The vitamin C that contains the orange peel is a great ally when it comes to losing weight, as it helps to eliminate excess fat from the body, through its metabolism and use as energy.

You should not do extreme diets or spend months consuming only orange juice . It is enough to consume two liters of orange juice a day shared in two doses, one fasting and another in the course of the afternoon. Care must be taken that it is not close to the main meals, at least half an hour after which they can begin to consume the orange juice.

The juice should be fresh if it is possible to squeeze the orange and consume it, so it should not be prepared from morning to afternoon or much less from one day to the next.

There are large oranges that do not provide almost juice and other small ones that can generate enough juice, so it is a very variable percentage and does not depend on the size or quantity of oranges to determine how many oranges will generate a liter of juice.

It is advisable to buy or acquire enough oranges to be able to guarantee the two liters that are needed for the treatment.

You can keep track of the ingested liquid by having a measuring cup in which you place the extracted juice and manage to keep the exact count and meet the two liters corresponding to the day.

The orange juice in addition to burning the fat also cleans the blood so it will benefit both the liver and spleen and improve the circulatory system and skeletal muscle to achieve better irrigation and use of nutrients and vitamins essential for proper functioning of the organism in general.

Helps the digestive system to make good digestion and elimination of waste, heal stomach and esophageal ulcers, treat pancreatitis, improve and combat constipation and therefore improve the hemorrhoids.

In the urinary system prevents the onset of infections and maintains adequate urine output for the elimination of harmful toxins for the proper functioning of the kidney and the body. It also reduces inflammations in the bladder that may cause problems in urination.

It improves the hormonal functioning propitiating the good functioning of the glands, it is ideal when dealing with health conditions such as cysts, tumors, ulcerations.

Its effects on the skin are endless because it promotes healthy skin, prevents skin infections and heals and regenerates the skin in a fast and surprising way.

Pregnancy and orange how does it benefit your consumption?

In the pregnancy stage, the woman is susceptible and prone to have a deficit of vitamins and calcium, for the baby’s growth and the same requirements.

So the consumption of vitamin C is ideal to provide the daily requirements of this vitamin for both the mother and the fetus and improves the supply of calcium necessary for the formation of the baby’s bones.

The orange juice protects and diminishes considerably the urinary infections that are so common in this type of conditions, it maintains the optimal immune system to fight against any opportunistic pathogen that may occur.

It also promotes a healthier skin able to produce an adequate stretch without fear of the appearance of stretch marks or scars and recoverers after delivery of its normal state in a fast way.

After the birth, it is essential to consume it since it continues to provide the baby with a high content of vitamin C, helping to prevent diseases and the mother to provide the necessary calcium for the adequate replacement of the same.

The replenishment of calcium is essential since, through breastfeeding, calcium is still being supplied to the baby, so the consumption of orange juice by the mother is essential.

By consuming the orange during and after pregnancy gives better health to the body and with noticeable results in the skin and overall functioning of the body returning energy and vitality losses during the process of the last months of pregnancy and childbirth.

Is the orange good for babies?

The orange is recommended for babies after the first 6 months of life, which is where citrus fruits should be introduced to the baby’s diet.

The own precautions that must be taken to the consumer are, to begin with, the juice since to consume them in its totality can take to drownings by its seeds or by the bagasse.

The age corresponded so that a baby can chew food well is from two years, so you must peel, cut and remove the seeds to avoid choking or choking for consumption.

The recommendations of the pediatrician should be maintained as a rule when it states that the baby should be given at least three days the same fruit to be able to rule out any type of allergies to it and to adapt the baby’s organism little by little to new flavors.

Used to reduce cellulite, how?

The cellulite or orange peel, cataloged by the appearance that gives the skin, as it harms the appearance of it.

Orange oil is especially used in these cases because it helps with a good massage to dilute those accumulations of fat to be eliminated from the body.

This process is done through several mechanisms, among which is increased irrigation and blood circulation, tones the skin, reducing sagging.

Reduces the action of free radicals that in turn favor the appearance of the dreaded cellulite on the skin, so this essence is the choice when performing reducing massages for the wonderful and multiple properties it gives to the skin.

Orange has multiple cosmetic uses

The orange in cosmetology is indispensable, since multiple products that are currently on the market among its composition are the properties of the fruit.

It has been given properties that can lead to being used to refresh tired eyes and help prevent premature wrinkles.

In the immune system, orange plays a fundamental role because it provides the body with the nutrients and vitamins necessary for its activation and promote a healthy life.

It can prevent the damage caused by the sun , as well as reverse the effect of the sun on the skin.

It has a high degree of calcium, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene in its shell, so its effects on the body are beneficial, which is why in cosmetology and aromatherapy it is an essence of choice for multiple uses.

The orange peel has more than 60 flavonoids and more than 170 phytonutrients, which provide a great contribution to health in general, including the skin. So it is a great natural alternative in the use and choice of a product to which its use has greater advantages than contraindications.

You can get its benefits both by its essence and with the consumption of juice or juice, so it can become a product of choice as a daily companion of meals.

Only by eating a small portion of orange during breakfast will promote the increase in collagen production, which will lead to healthier skin, with a youthful and radiant appearance. It is recommended that its use be made once extracted, to take advantage of its properties and not consume at night.

Another advantage in the consumption of orange in the morning is the regularization of bowel habits, causing the body to function properly without suffering from constipation or similar problems.

Medicinal properties of the orange

1. Prevents cholesterol

Among the components found in the orange peel are the flavonoids and photochemicals, which help improve blood cholesterol levels.

Antioxidants prevent the formation of plaques in the arteries by cleaning them to prevent the formation of clots.

It decreases the risk of hypertension, heart attack, strokes, in itself, helps the cardiovascular system to stay in optimal conditions.

2. Fight the acidity

The orange has compounds that reduce stomach acidity, so it serves as a protector of the stomach and intestinal mucosa.

It is a natural balance of the digestive pH, so it is of choice in cases where a balance between the substances at the stomach level is required. It is recommended to take it for a period of 20 days daily.


The orange peel provides dietary fiber which is essential for the health of the digestive system, regulating intestinal transit and therefore the correct disposal of waste.

It is one of the best remedies for irritable bowel, diarrhea, inflammation, and maintenance of the bacterial intestinal flora that protects the intestinal epithelium.

4. It is antibacterial

The phenolic and antioxidant compounds that this fruit possesses, possess antimicrobial and bactericidal action against internal and external pathogens that may affect the organism and its functioning.

It has effects for both E. Coli and Listeria Monocytogenes. Which are capable of causing serious infections in the body.


The orange peel exceeds its juice in terms of its percentage of vitamin C, it is said that the skin is 10 times more than this essential vitamin to strengthen the digestive system.

Vitamin C prevents the proliferation of viruses and bacteria and strengthens the immune system to prevent diseases of the respiratory tract, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, colds, and flu, and has even seen results in people with lung cancer.

6. Improves dental health

To improve oral health it is enough to chew the orange peel, which freshens the breath, keeps the bacteria under control and prevents the teeth from turning yellow, staining the teeth.

The orange peel avoids the harmful effects of bacteria on the dental plaque, which can be beneficial for patients with sensitivity in the dentition since its application decreases the symptoms and improves this condition.

Its application can be paste type, grating the shell or rub the front part of the shell directly on the teeth.

7. Help to lose weight

As already mentioned, orange peel or orange juice contribute to weight loss, due to its detoxifying properties that increase the proper elimination of toxins, in turn, it gives a feeling of fullness which eliminates anxiety for the food and prevents the excessive consumption of calories.

Benefits of the orange against cancer, how does it help?

Scientific studies have shown that regular consumption of orange can prevent cancer. Therefore, we can cite the results of studies that collect real evidence of these results, placing orange juice as a possible cancer chemopreventive.

The orange juice is a powerful antioxidant and in turn antimutagenic, antigenotoxic, helps hormonal regulation, has great antimicrobial and antiviral action.

The flavonoids narangine and hesperidin have highly positive effects against cancer. It has shown its preventive action against the risk of leukemia in children, breast cancer, colon, and liver.

The orange juice can be used when the disease is already implanted , as a method of help against the disease, since it is conferred antimutagenic and antigenotoxic properties.

Among the conclusions of the results obtained in the study of orange juice, confirm that its excessive use can cause unwanted effects in patients with renal failure, diabetics, in people suffering from hypertension, and especially toxicity in children.

How is orange used for a massage?

Orange oil for massage is used by applying five drops of orange essence in 50 mg of a vegetable base oil. This oil can be used for a massages that can help clean the skin and activate the formation and release of collagen in the skin.

When performing massages with the essence of orange you can notice the difference in the treated area, making it softer and smoother, and at the same time propitiate the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy and resistant to the environmental agents to which it is subjected daily.

Massages with this essence also promote an increase in the circulation of the treated area which leads to a progressive elimination of the accumulations of fat that produce cellulite, activating the lymphatic and renal system for the elimination of toxins harmful to the body.

The essence of orange can be combined with other essences such as the essence of cinnamon, the essence of ginger, the essence of sandalwood, the essence of incense, the essence of cloves and the essence of black pepper.

The benefits of orange in aromatherapy

In aromatherapy the essence of orange is widely used due to its multiple properties and because it is a volatile essence, ideal to aromatize and produce effects in the organism of happiness and well-being, effects with which it stands out from the rest of existing essences.

It is ideal when choosing it as an ally against stress or anxious states, as it acts on the central nervous system in a surprising way. So you should not miss at home.

How to make home remedies with orange?

  1. The orange can be used as a revitalizing digestive system, the orange bark should be dried and then placed in boiling water to get an infusion. It should be consumed by small doses of two to three times a day and preferably after meals.
  2. The orange also has its uses in cases of nervousness, anxiety, stress, in which they will use their leaves to make an infusion, they must place 7 to 9 leaves in water and boil for three minutes, you must take a cup after meals preferably every day.
  3. Orange is excellent for preventing respiratory diseases, so you should consume a glass of orange juice in the mornings with breakfast.
  4. Although the orange is an eye irritant, it is incredible that it can be used for the prevention and improvement of cataracts, it should be extracted from the skin of the dried orange oil and applied twice a day on the eyelid of the eye, this will help to dissolve the cataracts, is a very old way of healing.
  5. The orange is a natural lightening par excellence , it can be used to lighten the crotch spots, the treatment consists in letting the orange peels dry in the sun for a few days, then grinding them and achieving a powder, which will be mixed with honey and rose water, then you can apply in the area wait 15 to 20 minutes and rinse, should be done one to three times a week.
  6. Using orange for insomnia is easy since it is enough to make a tea, boil a cup of water in which a spoonful of orange flowers will be placed, let it rest for two minutes and proceed to take it.
  7. The orange strengthens the immune system , the way to use it is making a mixture of ¼ glass of lemon juice, ¼ glass of orange juice, accompanied by two tablespoons of honey, should be taken for a week; as well as you can use the orange juice and liquefy in it two cloves of peeled garlic, an onion, and pieces of broccoli, you should drink for a week this mixture, juice is resting for a month and it is repeated again.
  8. Orange can delay the growth of body hair; To obtain this benefit you should proceed to mix a teaspoon of orange peel powder, a tablespoon of lemon powder, a tablespoon of a base oil such as almond oil and in turn, should be placed a teaspoon of rose water.

The ingredients are mixed to form a homogeneous paste, which when applied to the skin offers the gradual elimination of the hairs.

It is used placing the mixture in the place where the effect is required and effectively remove the hairs. Repeat 2 to 3 times a week.

Can the orange cause allergy? Why?

The citric acid that the orange contains can cause in susceptible people to the same allergic reactions, appearing red spots in the skin and itching in mild cases a few minutes after the ingestion of the fruit.

It is for this reason that despite being a well-known fruit must be taken into account that it can cause allergic reactions due to some substances contained in its chemical composition.

They are usually caused that a good antihistamine tends to yield satisfactorily, so no other action is needed.

If the allergic symptoms persist, it is necessary to go to the doctor as quickly as possible to determine the appropriate treatment to get out of the crisis and perform the corresponding tests to determine the root of the problem, that is, where the allergic reaction occurred , which component of the orange may have caused that reaction.

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