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1 tea after a meal to get greasy! Chinese medicine teaches you to eat hot pot 10 strokes are not fat

How to eat hot pot in winter to not get fat, not edema
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Cold winter is the season to eat hot pot, especially if you like to eat spicy hot pot, or you like to match with sand tea sauce, spicy sauce, and kimchi. Once you take too much salt, it will easily cause water to stay in the body and it will not be discharged. Facial edema (throwing eyes, big cake face), lower body edema, the next morning, although there is defecation, due to physical edema caused by weight gain 1 ~ 2 kg!

Eating heavy foods tends to keep water in the body, and people who are worried about getting fat and edema should strictly follow the “low salt” diet. How to choose a hot pot and dip? If you have already eaten, the whole person is very swollen, how to eliminate edema? If you eat too much, eat your stomach very bloated, how to massage the flatulence, thin belly? Dr. Zhang teaches you how to take some Chinese herbal medicines to DIY and take care of the swelling and defatting tea.

10 principles of hot pot eating not fat

1. Obey the “low-salt diet” hot pot material and the slimming secret of the sauce.

Eating heavy foods tends to keep water in the body. People who are worried about getting fat and swollen should strictly abide by the “low salt” diet. Not only do they need to add salt when cooking, but also do not add chili sauce, sand tea sauce, sweet sauce, bean paste, and tomatoes. Sauces such as sauces. In addition, many processed foods have already been added with a lot of salt or MSG in the production process. These invisible salts are easy to eat, such as cheese, various pickles, pickles, mustard, smoked ham, Sausage, bean curd, fish pine, processed hot pot ingredients (fish balls, meatballs, egg dumplings), noodles, etc. eat less.

The fall and winter eat spicy hot pot flavors, easily swollen face, swollen lower body swelling, eliminate swelling available emergency massage!

Acupuncture points that relieve edema of the head and face and radiant radiance

Massage method and timely machine: press the middle finger of both hands to soreness, press at the same time, massage 20 times at a time, at least once in the morning and evening.


5 points on the side of the nose, parallel to the lower edge of the nostril, at the junction with the law and pattern, pressed with a concave hole, a sense of soreness

【Efficacy】 Massage this point can promote facial circulation, make people radiant, eliminate facial swelling, and effectively alleviate nasal allergy symptoms and avoid panda eyes

Four white points

The pupil is straight down, when the lower hole

【Efficacy】Improve eyelid edema under the eye bags, dilute dark circles, and relieve eye fatigue

Acupuncture points that alleviate the swelling of the lower body

It can be used with massage and acupuncture points, Sanyinjiao and Yinlingquan. Press the acupuncture points with your thumb and press acupuncture points at least 20 times (alternately left and right). Massage the calves to relieve the calf muscles and eliminate the swelling effect.


3 inches above the tip of the iliac crest (about four fingers wide), the posterior margin of the humerus

【Efficacy】Promotes blood circulation, improves lower extremity edema, in addition to beauty anti-aging, conditioning menstruation, improving gynecological diseases, regulating hormone secretion, is a gynecological point


[Location] The knee is bent to the end, and the inner side of the knee is at the depression of the horizontal end of the knee.

[Effect] Lishui swelling, beautify the calf curve

3. Cleverly choose meat: white meat (chicken, duck, goose, fish, seafood) has lower fat content and is better than red meat (pig, beef, lamb).

4. Selection of hot pot dipping sauce: Mainly natural spices, such as onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, radish puree, lemon, vinegar, onion, replace the high-calorie sand tea sauce, spicy sauce, kimchi.

5. Smart and not fat eating order: You can drink clear soup first, then eat a lot of green vegetables to increase satiety. Then eat seafood (avoid oysters with high cholesterol content, shrimp and crab, mainly fish and sea cucumber), and finally eat meat (white meat is better than red meat), remember that starch does not touch as much as possible!

6. Remedial exercise after a big meal: If this meal is like a king, eat it a bit easier on the next meal, such as a hot dish and tea eggs, and of course a remedial exercise. Frequently eating heavy body edema caused by physical weight, especially need to strengthen the muscles of the lower body leg, can be carried out such as sliding machine, stepper, brisk walking, jogging, flywheel and other sports, through muscle contraction, promote blood, lymph circulation To eliminate edema and promote fat burning, don’t wait for a few days before you want to exercise remedy. After digesting on the same day or at least the next day, remember to rush to remedy your health.

7. Bath, bath, oven, steam bath to promote metabolism: If you are in the gym, you can use the oven and steam bath after exercise to speed up metabolism and remove water, but remember to add some water. Or use the bath, bath, through the warm effect of warm water can help perspiration and slimming, improve blood, lymph circulation and promote metabolism. And it can be added to Chinese herbal medicines to dissolve the active ingredients in hot water, which can better exert the functions of Wentong meridians, eliminate edema and improve blood circulation; together with the fragrance of fragrance around, it can relax the mood and slim down.

8. DIY swelling and fat-free tea: Health tea DIY replaces all kinds of sugary drinks, removes oil and greasy, eliminates meat and improves edema.

[Hawthorn oil cut tea]

Ingredients: Hawthorn 3 money, Cassia 1.5 money, Astragalus 1 money, 2 money, dried tangerine peel 1 money

Practice: Wash the medicine and pack it into the filter bag to repeat the backflush. Put it in a thermos cup, rush into boiling water 800cc, and then take it for 20 minutes. (This is a tea for 1 person, which can double the dose and water volume of the medicine)

Efficacy: remove oil and greasy, smooth the intestines, diuresis.

9. Drink a cup of sugar-free soy milk before dinner, slow down the pace of eating.

Drink a cup of sugar-free soy milk before the meal to increase the feeling of fullness. Soymilk is rich in protein and phytoestrogens, preventing the chest from losing too much weight during weight loss .

Be sure to slow down the pace of eating, at least chew 20 times and then swallow it, more satiety, and less flatulence.

10. Eat too much, don’t bend over, hunchback + acupressure massage, flatulence, stomach abdomen

  1. The sedentary of the hunched back is easy to accumulate belly fat, raise the stomach and squid belly, and remind yourself to straighten your chest and straighten your waist. Bending the hunchback is easy to flatulence, at least leaning back or the waist bar straight, will not oppress the intestines to create indigestion!
  2. Do not kneel down after a lunch to take a nap, because it is easy to oppress the stomach and cause indigestion. It is best to take a walk and move to help digestion.
  3. Promote gastrointestinal motility & thin abdomen acupressure

Massage timing: deep massage points with the middle finger, 20 points deep under one acupoint, and 2 acupoints around Tianshu. You can use both hands to a massage at the same time, press to the degree of soreness, and do at least one round in the morning and evening, especially before defecation or flatulence.

The massage around the acupuncture points of the abdomen can effectively achieve the effect of stomach and intestines and sculpting the lower abdomen:


[Efficacy] belongs to Renmai, which is the fundraising point of the stomach, and the stomach and spleen

[Acupoint] Just above the stomach, 4 inches on the navel (twice twice with three fingers wide)


[Efficacy] belongs to Renmai, qi and pain, Tongdao waterway

[Acupoint] 1 inch above the navel (ie thumb knuckle width)

Tianshu Point

[Efficacy ]is a stomach, and it is a large intestine, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.

[Acupoints] The distance between the sides of the navel by 2 inches (three horizontal fingers)


[Efficacy] belongs to Renmai, which is a small intestine recruitment point, where small intestine hernia accumulates, which can promote bowel movement

[Acupoint] 3 inches below the navel (four-finger width)

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