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how to detect a scam diet (and why scammers are idiots)

Too bad marketers are getting better and better these days. I actually started out in the field of marketing, I became disillusioned very quickly when I realized most marketers are not only unscrupulous but delusional as well. I got fired from a lot of graphic design and marketing jobs before I finally decided I couldn’t work in marketing and still like myself, so the sacrifice is too great. Having a degree, I felt kind of salty that it would be wasted since I wasn’t using it for evil. My solution was to find the number one most oversold, air filled and deceptive industry out there (as far as marketing concerned) and piss it off. You will Have a hard time finding anything on my sites that are untrue or not accurate. the sad part is, it’s not hard to make money, be honest and have a good time doing what I’m doing. Everything you will ever read on liquid-dietweightloss.com, lowcarbbreadrecipes.com, lowcarblowfat.net or coconutoilweight-loss.com

I can understand having a surplus of acai berries or African mango and being close to broke, but who is? Even in that case there would be better options for EVERYONE.
Heres why scammers are idiots:

they think you like to be lied to (or that you are brain dead.)
this is the funniest of them all. Obviously people like companies that don’t mislead them. most scammers disagree.

they dont know how to multiply
I would not be surprised if most acai berry sellers also scratch off lottery tickets as a part-time job. with all of the rapid scientific research and trusted resources out there, it is easy as pie to find a good product to promote that will have people coming back again and again.  What the hustlers dont understand IS in fact multiplication.  Ten (10) customers buying what you sell for $2 only once (as with most scams) = $20 (once or twice until you get found out) (also, subtract refunds and lawsuits)
20 customers ( because they told their friends and family) buying your product for HALF the others price ($1) every month for even just a year  and NOT suing you or sending it back = $240 (a year)

all they can do is ride the wave
this one goes with the one below it.  when something has been discredited or proven to be ineffective, good promoters and sellers drop it. They are not afraid to invest in another product because they know they’re smart enough to pick a good one and their patience will pay off.  When this happens the competition, of course, goes way down. The demand also goes down…but not as much. For a short time, a salesman who can’t pick a good product can make a tiny bit of money.  All they have to do is lie to thousands of people (including themselves), sacrifice their reputation and deal with a constant flood of numerous pissed off customers. Of course its easy!  None of the above requires intelligence.

they do not understand how to market
One of the biggest part of marketing is knowing how to make A product appeal to people. The reason why scammers choose the products they do is because people fall for BS. The heart of any scam is unrealistically amazing promises and results!
I havent even gone into how to scam, you have to feel like a jerk, or at least become an empty person to avoid the feeling.  You have to either hide what you are doing or people will dislike you.  And… there’s just too many reasons not to. I’m done.

We are 100% uncompromisingly honest. Just test us!! E-mail rwalker@liquid-dietweightloss.com, admin@liquid-dietweightloss.com, abalsalm@lowcarblowfat.net, ssanchez@lowcarbbreadrecipes.com or kortjohnc@yahoo.com with an offer that involves us selling out.  Make the offer really good, make it believable, try as hard as you can! If we accept such an offer we will give you $500. Got that?

Post our response as a comment here so everyone can see.

Thanks for reading and dont stop thinking!

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