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High Protein High Fiber

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There are lots of foods out there that you can eat which break down into components that are not readily stored as fat for energy. By reading our other pages you are in the know that dietary fiber passes through the body and is not stored as adipose tissue (or fat) but there are certain combinations as whole foods which utilize fiber and other such nutrients to the effect of passing right through the digestive system leaving little behind in your behind.

Now, keep in mind that fat loss is not the same as weight loss. We lose weight here losing either fat, muscle mass, liquids, or other substances.  Getting on the scale every morning will not necessarily tell you if you’re having healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss is considered losing fat and not lean muscle mass. Losing water is pretty much neutral as far as health is considered, though the effects of this weight loss is often very temporary as water levels in the body fluctuate at greater rates.

green beans are a high protein food with a good amount of fiber to boot!A good way to ensure you’re losing fat without losing lean muscle mass is by making sure most of the food you eat has a lot of proteins, little saturated fat and if you’re taking the low-carb approach, higher fat with lower amounts of sugars and starches. Consistency is key as bad as the last thing to be burned for energy considering how our bodies (as opposed to our minds) value fat for all of its life-sustaining power.

Even though we recommend eating lean protein, we’re not acknowledging the myth that fat makes you fat, it’s just that lean meats have a higher protein to fat ratio and since meat fats typically have a lot of saturated fat, lean meats are healthier for your heart. Here’s a short list of foods that conform to the lean protein model, buddy:

  • Protein powder (believe it or not!) (99% protein by weight)
  • salmon (though it has fat, its mostly “good” fat)
  • chicken (there is actually only a 6% difference in white meat vs. dark as far as fat content)
  • wild game (animals that are free to roam around not only taste better, they have lower fat and higher protein)
  • Beans (the “musical fruit”)
  • Legumes
  • Tofu (not just for hippies)
  • Soy milk (just for hippies)
    Nuts, I forgot the last one!
    Oh yeah!…
  • Nuts

Nuts are a good source of protein and fiberThe reason protein is ideal for us (aside for weight loss purposes) is that it is used to sustain body systems more useful in our modern lifestyle. Way way back in the day, having lots of fat on your body was a good thing because of the inadequacy of shelter and the lack of central heating, not to mention long spells without food which in today’s world is only a problem for the poverty-stricken.  Our bodies change slower than our society and that’s why fat has become an undesirable thing. (It’s funny, we don’t want it because we used to and we changed our minds too fast.)

In addition to lean protein and our body needs fiber (as indicated above) fiber in lean protein together are powerful combination which will help you reach your weight loss goals quickly with minimal effort…it’s not too good to be true!

Fiber is the thing which helps everything move her body and mitigates the negative effects of too much protein. In fact to work together to supply us with almost everything the body needs. Of course fat is important, but only certain kinds of fat and really…we only need a small amount. (Sugars and starches are probably the least important.)

Here’s a list of the best sources of dietary fiber:

  • crude corn bran (86% by weight!)
  • psyllium seed husk (74% by weight! commonly sold as fiber supplements like Metamucil)
  • cinnamon (55% by weight, too bad its a spice)
  • nuts (most of them at least, almonds have 12% by weight)
  • whole grain (not to be confused with whole wheat) bread and pasta
  • toasted wheat germ (15% by weight)
  • dried coconut (about 17% by weight)
  • beans (navy beans are the best, 10% by weight)

And just because high fiber fruit is rare (and you’ll be craving fruit):

  • passion fruit (10% by weight)
  • raspberries/blackberries (6% by weight)

Both protein and fiber dampen the insulin response. The insulin response triggers accelerated fat storage. Having a high protein high fiber diet means we are getting less sugars and starches too, which also helps here.  It’s a twofold system so it is especially effective. And is a boon that bans the bane of Willfort Brimelys biggest enemies diahbeetis, also known as diabetes (and by proxy, diahbeetis testing supplies).

Small frequent meals of high protein high carb foods are ideal. If you eat 2000 calories daily for example, the best way is in five 400 calorie meals or  better yet, eight 250 calorie meals.  It is recommended to still get your food in meals though…dont distribute a 2000 calorie meal into fifty 40 calorie or a hundred 20 calorie snacks!  Not only does it get harder to track your calories when you eat a ton of tiny tiny meals (especially with such rich and fiberous foods) it will often lead to some bizarre and unhealthy habits.

The small meal high protein high fiber approach is a well established means of healthy weight loss which will help you reach your weight loss goals faster and easier than you ever thought!

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