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The Effectivness of Low Carb Diets

Welcome to the page that will probably be responsible for at least 5 pounds of your weight loss. The info is just that good. Here we’ll be going into low carb weight-loss and comparing it to low fat weight loss (the traditional approach)…on how to shed fat and putting the feasability and effectiveness of low carb diets to the test. (the videos are “which is better” comparisons from news shows)

The major objective of this diet comparison is to give you ideas and resources to help you understand the effectiveness of low carb diets.

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Low carb eating plans shed fat quickly but it can be a bit more of a challenge to keep it off, low fat eating plans on the other hand, have greater long-term benefits and are easier to maintain on average. On this website we take an in-depth look at eating plans in each of these categories. There is no weight loss plan or program that is perfect for everyone but you’ll know the next best thing after reading this article!

The low carb and low fat diet approach are two of the most common approaches in regards to weight-loss and dieting. Both of these approaches refer to important concepts in reducing fat. Low carb weight-loss limits the intake of bread and other carbohydrates. I will go into on other pages as to how dieting by not consuming carbs helps you shed fat.

Low fat, on the other hand, is the more traditional way to shed fat and in techniques is as equally valid as low carb weight-loss eating plan plans. I will also be going into low fat plans. In addition to both of these this website will discuss combined diets.

Basically, low carb plans are easy and you can eat all the meats and proteins, not to mention fats you want (well, at least a lot more than other diets!) How could you resist that? Well, most dieters new to low carb dieting have one thing in common – they’ve never gone off of carbs for long enough to really appriciate them. Just like sweets, fats and salty foods – carbohydrates often are missed when excluded from the diet. In many cases, low carb dieters report depression. Thats right, little almost flavorless saltine crackers make you happy. But as far as the high points – there are quite a few:lowering cholesterol, heart wellness and other fatty fat fat related issues improve over time, despite the fact you are typically eating three times more fat!
However avoiding excess weight gain and lookin good is not the one and only tenet of a Low carb Diet. Low carb weight-loss plans focus on avoiding saturated fats, and still require exercise for maximum effectiveness.

Low fat weight loss

You almost definitely be familiar with the low fat concept for weight loss. While fat is the stuff were trying to get rid of…eating it doesn’t necessarily put it on you, I mean, can you imagine how gross that would be if our body fat was the fat cells of different animals, reanimated in our tissues? I almost lost weight all over my keyboard there! Fat is broken down into its various components like anything else…

Look here and see how our bodies store fat. I promise it’s not gross!

Most meals have several different types of components: amino acids, glucose, cellulose, amines, vitamins, minerals and other food building blocks. All of these little broken pieces of the original entree (with the exception of cellulose and vitamin/minerals, for the most part) can be stored as human body fat. The main culprits are glucose and amino acids.

None of this storage would even be possible without insulin.
Insulin stores glucose and other food components as fat – it is the little microscopic fat packer in our bodies. Insulin is stored in cells and released in large amounts as a reaction to glucose in the blood stream. Glucose in the blood comes from carbohydrates. Less insulin release = less fat storage…here, watch this:

Insulin response management (the focus of low carb plans) involves a whole different strategy than low fat dieting. That link above will tell you more about this!

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