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I have a dream. One day traveling around, spreading diet and weight loss advice and debunking myths nation wide. But mostly, just to breath the open air and be free, truly free. I don’t know what weight I will be, but I know I will be happy. So think about it. Isn’t there something you could be doing where you wouldn’t care how much fat you’d have around the edges, or how others see you? Have you ever seen a fat person who was naturally fat? Not just fat from all the crappy food or poor lifestyle choices. Fat and happy, deep down inside…not jolly, but HAPPY? They’re out there, and the second you see one you forget all of the social connotations and associations you have about fatties…and lets all admit, though we may be very successful at eliminating most of the ones pushed on to us, a few remain.
We see happy people for whats on the inside, as truly happy people wear it on the outside. Weather they are skinny, fat, ugly or pretty. None of these superficial judgements compare to someone who is truly happy. It makes us happy, and all of those petty judgements kind of get swept under the rug…so………
I encourage all of you to get healthy, and to do it through healthy diet and exercise like the kind you’ll find on my site www.liquid-dietweightloss.com. But there is a stopping point, and for most of you it is sooner more so than later. Meaning, you may think you have a few more pounds to lose, but if you stop caring at that point and you wear your indifference and happiness on the outside, it will be the first thing people see and everyone will be in your shadow.

Weight Loss That Works For You

Finding the right weight loss plan can be challenging since “right” means right for you, and that involves knowing what to look for. When choosing a weight loss plan your present nutritional needs need to be taken into consideration and these aren’t the same for everybody. Depending on your age, fitness and current dietary habits, your weight loss plan may be anything from a full regimen of exercises and a low calorie, carb and fat diet to just relaxing and eating a chicken pot pie. Equilibrium is the key to being at your target weight and appearance.

Some people go running even though the excess they have is in the upper body while others do upper body workouts when they’d benefit most from some squats and leg curls. Its a matter of habit, and habit can be reinforced by its own consequence. If you are sitting down at work and using your hands, your arms and upper body will be stronger. Some might focus on their arms in this case as it is easier then working something that doesnt get worked at all. So this is one pitfall to avoid.

When it comes to the proper balance of diet and exercise, there are actual guidelines one can use to gauge the amount of weight it will be possible to lose. The old model of calories in calories out is a good starting point albeit a simplistic one. If you are a large person, one mile of walking is going to burn more calories than if you are smaller, and the same is true with your amount of body fat. If you are over weight, you will burn more calories doing the same thing as someone who is not. So when you factor all of these things in you get a more accurate idea of how much weight you can burn with a certain exercise and diet. It is roughly equal to 1 pound of body fat lost per week per a 500 calorie a day deficit. To calculate the actual amount of exercise one needs to do to lose a certain amount of weight visit our free diet plan page: http://www.liquid-dietweightloss.com/free-weight-loss-plan.html

Liquid diets are a way to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time and this site is dedicated to that particular type of weight loss. There are a lot of pitfalls one may encounter with liquid diets and the information on this site will aid you in avoiding them. Once you’ve discovered the amount of exercise and calorie intake for you, visit our site for some great techniques and realize your weight loss goal!
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Liquid Diet Weight Loss…the BLOG

Liquid diets are a quick means of weight loss. So are lots of other methods. Losing weight is about what works for you, and we want to hear about it!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are not many quality sites about liquid diets. Nothing on liquid-dietweightloss.com is written to promote a product, or strictly for profit. We think that after reading the information we have to offer on this site.blog, you will make that observation for yourself. Every bit of information you’ll find anywhere on liquid-dietweightloss.com has been carefully researched and written. If you believe anything contained herein to be inaccurate we ask you contact us or leave a comment.

This blog was created to enable you to have a voice on liquid-dietweightloss.com Please feel free to add ANY personal experiences, advice or any comment about weight loss and/or liquid diets.

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