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Low Carb Liquid Diet

Are you looking for liquid diet that includes the advantages of low carb weight loss?  A low carb liquid diet is how to lose weight while still being able to lose weight.  In a low carb liquid diet, there is an acceptable level of carbohydrates and an acceptable level of calories.  Since most liquid diets focus on caloric reduction and low carb diets (also low gi diets and ketogenic diets) focus on limiting carbohydrates, the combination of the two diets requires weighing these qualities in order to keep a healthy and light balance. Learn how to lose weight with low carb liquid nutrition.

Low carb liquid weight loss is great for a number of reasons.  many low carb choices are available for liquid dieter: soup, smoothies, juice, water, bullion and broth, sugar, ice cream, melted cheese (hmm), creams, milk, frozen juice bars, jello, gelatins, pudding, flan (it dont have to chew it at least.)

Stew is an option for liquid diet weight lossIf your diet isnt strictly liquid.  For instance: if you are using a detox regimen or just a meal replacement you are allowed to eat solids.  If you are limited to nutrition you just swallow and can’t chew then chili, stew, hamburger gravy and other “bowl and spoon foods” are a great option.

Liquid Diet Myths – from other sites

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Ok, we take the time and energy to write decent articles and you’ll see that if you take the time to look around my site. Read, think, verify.  Wikipedia has some excelent information…the real benefit of it is that we get to check sources!
So lets check some sources…

[Synephrine] does not have any known ill effects.

This site has been gettin popular…don’t know why. Let’s look at synephrine:

According to studies done by the Mayo Clinic (most likely funded by, done by other research teams) Stacker 2 pills (synephrine is the culprit here) leads to myocardial infarction (heart attack), ischemic stroke and increased blood pressure. Uhhhhh…’s the study cited:
but just look it up for yourself

Liquid diet disadvantages: Researching about liquid diet weight loss you may have found it are not best way to go.  There are advantages to liquid diet weight loss that may make it good for you however. also, some people have their minds set. Because of this we have made this site.  There are better solutions and that’s why we have tons of Pages full of information on how to remove disadvantages from liquid diets.
disadvantage: low-protein
solution: protein shake
its not hard, you are smart, if you think about the info you read, all the silly sites go away and we appear in your bookmarks bar.  MAGIC! (Ctrl+D)

I was going to harp on claims made by…but it seems their site is offline.

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Think about everything.
…there are a lot more things to write, but i have a short atten

Liquid Diet Weight Loss…the BLOG

Liquid diets are a quick means of weight loss. So are lots of other methods. Losing weight is about what works for you, and we want to hear about it!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are not many quality sites about liquid diets. Nothing on is written to promote a product, or strictly for profit. We think that after reading the information we have to offer on this, you will make that observation for yourself. Every bit of information you’ll find anywhere on has been carefully researched and written. If you believe anything contained herein to be inaccurate we ask you contact us or leave a comment.

This blog was created to enable you to have a voice on Please feel free to add ANY personal experiences, advice or any comment about weight loss and/or liquid diets.

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