Whole Fruit Gelatin for Weight Loss – Whole Fruit Gelatin

Gelatin won’t directly help you lose weight but it will help in an indirect way – by controlling your appetite.

Amino Acid Composition in Gelatin chart
A lot of what we talk about here at Liquid Diet Weight Loss is feeling full and there is nothing better at making you feel full than sugar free gelatin. Especially if you add some high fiber fruit.

Alternate Gelatin Preparation:

Cut the sugar free sweetener down to 1/4 and use fruit juice instead of water.

Sugar free Jello has about 2 calories per gram, and not much else. It is a liquid that feels like

Here is a short list of high fiber fruit to add to maximize the fullness:

Apple weighing (~125 grams) whole with skin (a.k.a. USDA commodity food A343) has 3 grams of fiber, 65 calories and 13 grams of sugar

Avocados are technically a high fiber fruit, but actually, they’re a gross vegetable and you shouldn’t eat them because I don’t like them.

Bananas have a lot of fiber and potassium. The potassium is important because it is hard to find potassium in foods in general.
Bananas are less than 3% dietary fiber by weight, but 1 medium banana (118 g) gives you 3 grams of dietary fiber, 108 calories, 15 grams of sugar and a gram of protein

Berries generally have the most fiber.
1 cup, or 148 grams of whole blackberries have 8 grams of fiber.
Only 7 grams of sugar and 65 calories

Guava where are you, a rainforrest!? Anyway, if you come accross some guava gelatin you should definitely partake cause the guava has 9 grams of fiber per 165 gram cup of the flesh.
2 g fat, only 15g sugar, and 4 grams of protein making it an unusually nutritionally balanced fruit. 1 medium guava should have 55 grams of flesh, after removing the refuse. They are only about .05 USD in the amazon basin, but I suggest you shop at the grocery.

Kiwis have about 2.5 grams each without skin. If you leave the skin on it imparts some tartness. I suggest super thin slices with the peel for double the dietary fiber.

Oranges are a member of citrus fruits, making them automatically delicious. There are many varieties of orange though they are all relatively similar in nutritional profile.

Pears (USDA commodity food A435) 1 small pear (148 grams) has 5 grams of fiber and only 85 calories. Pears should only be eaten if you cannot acquire or chew apples. A small to medium plum weighs about 70 grams.

Prunes (or plums, if you aren’t 90) have
Another thing you can do is to add ground psyllium seed husk in a layer. It forms a gellatenous paste when a small amount of water is added to the dry powder. You can alternatively add juice of any kind (apple works very well here) By scoring the top of sliced jello slightly, you can add a make it into tasty layers.

Spread some apple juice husk meal over a flat freshly scored surface of the whole fruit gelatin and stack the slices lick brick and mortar. It helps to add progressively thinner layers and not use more than 3 layers at once. If you feel like it, use toothpicks to hold the layers in place. Frilly toothpicks do provide structural advantages here.

Adding meringue or whipped cream can really alter the texture of the “mortar”, I suggest whipped cream. Use your imagination!

Meringue (buy it freeze dried if possible) is sugar free. When it comes to sugar free whipped cream

Low Carb Liquid Diet

Are you looking for liquid diet that includes the advantages of low carb weight loss?  A low carb liquid diet is how to lose weight while still being able to lose weight.  In a low carb liquid diet, there is an acceptable level of carbohydrates and an acceptable level of calories.  Since most liquid diets focus on caloric reduction and low carb diets (also low gi diets and ketogenic diets) focus on limiting carbohydrates, the combination of the two diets requires weighing these qualities in order to keep a healthy and light balance. Learn how to lose weight with low carb liquid nutrition.

Low carb liquid weight loss is great for a number of reasons.  many low carb choices are available for liquid dieter: soup, smoothies, juice, water, bullion and broth, sugar, ice cream, melted cheese (hmm), creams, milk, frozen juice bars, jello, gelatins, pudding, flan (it counts..you dont have to chew it at least.)

Stew is an option for liquid diet weight lossIf your diet isnt strictly liquid.  For instance: if you are using a detox regimen or just a meal replacement you are allowed to eat solids.  If you are limited to nutrition you just swallow and can’t chew then chili, stew, hamburger gravy and other “bowl and spoon foods” are a great option.

Pros and Cons of Liquid Diets

There are several pros and cons of most liquid diet weight loss plans. They are more or less obvious.  There are a lot of pros and cons of liquid diet weight loss that are not inherent of the fact the diet is liquid…like ultra low calories.


  • A liquid diet for weight loss is a great way to simplify your diet.
  • Having liquids where you would normally have solids can help develop better self control and discipline upon returning to a normal diet.
  • You will more than likely get more water in your diet which many people neglect.
  • Some people find ways to make getting meals in liquid form ultimately reduce hunger, probably due to adding a fiber suplement which often results in more fiber than a solid diet.
  • Nutrition is easier to measure


  • There is a tendancy to not get enough fiber or protein in a liquid diet.  This can be easily remedied by adding some fiber drink (mix, like metamucil) or a protein shake.
  • The satisfaction you get from eating comes largely from chewing.  The action of chewing contributes to satiation, so chewing gum can help fill this gap.
  • Liquid diets will cause liquid levels to fluctuate more so than solid mass levels in the body.  This could be considered a pro as many people need to lose weight as a technicality (for a sport, weight class, etc.)  Fat loss is comes easy with exercise though.
  • Lack of solid foods, particularly dietary and non soluble fiber.  This of course can be easily remedied by adding a fiber suppliment.  I use kroger brand psyllium seed husk fiber laxative.  The word laxative is a bit of a send off, but don’t let it keep you from getting a healthy level of fiber in your liquid diet!

I am looking for other points here.  If you have an idea or suggestion I’ll add it to this page!

Liquid Diet Myths – from other sites

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Ok, we take the time and energy to write decent articles and you’ll see that if you take the time to look around my site. Read, think, verify.  Wikipedia has some excelent information…the real benefit of it is that we get to check sources!
So lets check some sources…

[Synephrine] does not have any known ill effects.

This site has been gettin popular…don’t know why. Let’s look at synephrine:

According to studies done by the Mayo Clinic (most likely funded by, done by other research teams) Stacker 2 pills (synephrine is the culprit here) leads to myocardial infarction (heart attack), ischemic stroke and increased blood pressure. Uhhhhh…..here’s the study cited: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synephrine#cite_note-4
but just look it up for yourself

Liquid diet disadvantages: Researching about liquid diet weight loss you may have found it are not best way to go.  There are advantages to liquid diet weight loss that may make it good for you however. also, some people have their minds set. Because of this we have made this site.  There are better solutions and that’s why we have tons of Pages full of information on how to remove disadvantages from liquid diets.
disadvantage: low-protein
solution: protein shake
its not hard, you are smart, if you think about the info you read, all the silly sites go away and we appear in your bookmarks bar.  MAGIC! (Ctrl+D)

I was going to harp on claims made by http://liquiddietweight-loss.com/…but it seems their site is offline.

Read our info.  Sign up to our newsletter, embrace the knowledge.
Think about everything.
…there are a lot more things to write, but i have a short atten

how to detect a scam diet (and why scammers are idiots)

Too bad marketers are getting better and better these days. I actually started out in the field of marketing, I became disillusioned very quickly when I realized most marketers are not only unscrupulous but delusional as well. I got fired from a lot of graphic design and marketing jobs before I finally decided I couldn’t work in marketing and still like myself, so the sacrifice is too great. Having a degree, I felt kind of salty that it would be wasted since I wasn’t using it for evil. My solution was to find the number one most oversold, air filled and deceptive industry out there (as far as marketing concerned) and piss it off. You will Have a hard time finding anything on my sites that are untrue or not accurate. the sad part is, it’s not hard to make money, be honest and have a good time doing what I’m doing. Everything you will ever read on liquid-dietweightloss.com, lowcarbbreadrecipes.com, lowcarblowfat.net or coconutoilweight-loss.com

I can understand having a surplus of acai berries or African mango and being close to broke, but who is? Even in that case there would be better options for EVERYONE.
Heres why scammers are idiots:

they think you like to be lied to (or that you are brain dead.)
this is the funniest of them all. Obviously people like companies that don’t mislead them. most scammers disagree.

they dont know how to multiply
I would not be surprised if most acai berry sellers also scratch off lottery tickets as a part-time job. with all of the rapid scientific research and trusted resources out there, it is easy as pie to find a good product to promote that will have people coming back again and again.  What the hustlers dont understand IS in fact multiplication.  Ten (10) customers buying what you sell for $2 only once (as with most scams) = $20 (once or twice until you get found out) (also, subtract refunds and lawsuits)
20 customers ( because they told their friends and family) buying your product for HALF the others price ($1) every month for even just a year  and NOT suing you or sending it back = $240 (a year)

all they can do is ride the wave
this one goes with the one below it.  when something has been discredited or proven to be ineffective, good promoters and sellers drop it. They are not afraid to invest in another product because they know they’re smart enough to pick a good one and their patience will pay off.  When this happens the competition, of course, goes way down. The demand also goes down…but not as much. For a short time, a salesman who can’t pick a good product can make a tiny bit of money.  All they have to do is lie to thousands of people (including themselves), sacrifice their reputation and deal with a constant flood of numerous pissed off customers. Of course its easy!  None of the above requires intelligence.

they do not understand how to market
One of the biggest part of marketing is knowing how to make A product appeal to people. The reason why scammers choose the products they do is because people fall for BS. The heart of any scam is unrealistically amazing promises and results!
I havent even gone into how to scam, you have to feel like a jerk, or at least become an empty person to avoid the feeling.  You have to either hide what you are doing or people will dislike you.  And… there’s just too many reasons not to. I’m done.

We are 100% uncompromisingly honest. Just test us!! E-mail rwalker@liquid-dietweightloss.com, admin@liquid-dietweightloss.com, abalsalm@lowcarblowfat.net, ssanchez@lowcarbbreadrecipes.com or kortjohnc@yahoo.com with an offer that involves us selling out.  Make the offer really good, make it believable, try as hard as you can! If we accept such an offer we will give you $500. Got that?

Post our response as a comment here so everyone can see.

Thanks for reading and dont stop thinking!

The Effectivness of Low Carb Diets

Welcome to the page that will probably be responsible for at least 5 pounds of your weight loss. The info is just that good. Here we’ll be going into low carb weight-loss and comparing it to low fat weight loss (the traditional approach)…on how to shed fat and putting the feasability and effectiveness of low carb diets to the test. (the videos are “which is better” comparisons from news shows)

The major objective of this diet comparison is to give you ideas and resources to help you understand the effectiveness of low carb diets.

When your done reading…we have many useful pages and posts on the subject – just look at the sidebar!

Low carb eating plans shed fat quickly but it can be a bit more of a challenge to keep it off, low fat eating plans on the other hand, have greater long-term benefits and are easier to maintain on average. On this website we take an in-depth look at eating plans in each of these categories. There is no weight loss plan or program that is perfect for everyone but you’ll know the next best thing after reading this article!

The low carb and low fat diet approach are two of the most common approaches in regards to weight-loss and dieting. Both of these approaches refer to important concepts in reducing fat. Low carb weight-loss limits the intake of bread and other carbohydrates. I will go into on other pages as to how dieting by not consuming carbs helps you shed fat.

Low fat, on the other hand, is the more traditional way to shed fat and in techniques is as equally valid as low carb weight-loss eating plan plans. I will also be going into low fat plans. In addition to both of these this website will discuss combined diets.

Basically, low carb plans are easy and you can eat all the meats and proteins, not to mention fats you want (well, at least a lot more than other diets!) How could you resist that? Well, most dieters new to low carb dieting have one thing in common – they’ve never gone off of carbs for long enough to really appriciate them. Just like sweets, fats and salty foods – carbohydrates often are missed when excluded from the diet. In many cases, low carb dieters report depression. Thats right, little almost flavorless saltine crackers make you happy. But as far as the high points – there are quite a few:lowering cholesterol, heart wellness and other fatty fat fat related issues improve over time, despite the fact you are typically eating three times more fat!
However avoiding excess weight gain and lookin good is not the one and only tenet of a Low carb Diet. Low carb weight-loss plans focus on avoiding saturated fats, and still require exercise for maximum effectiveness.

Low fat weight loss

You almost definitely be familiar with the low fat concept for weight loss. While fat is the stuff were trying to get rid of…eating it doesn’t necessarily put it on you, I mean, can you imagine how gross that would be if our body fat was the fat cells of different animals, reanimated in our tissues? I almost lost weight all over my keyboard there! Fat is broken down into its various components like anything else…

Look here and see how our bodies store fat. I promise it’s not gross!

Most meals have several different types of components: amino acids, glucose, cellulose, amines, vitamins, minerals and other food building blocks. All of these little broken pieces of the original entree (with the exception of cellulose and vitamin/minerals, for the most part) can be stored as human body fat. The main culprits are glucose and amino acids.

None of this storage would even be possible without insulin.
Insulin stores glucose and other food components as fat – it is the little microscopic fat packer in our bodies. Insulin is stored in cells and released in large amounts as a reaction to glucose in the blood stream. Glucose in the blood comes from carbohydrates. Less insulin release = less fat storage…here, watch this:

Insulin response management (the focus of low carb plans) involves a whole different strategy than low fat dieting. That link above will tell you more about this!

If there are any details on the website that you question or dont agree with, thats what the comment form is for leave a comment! (only pertinent comments will be accepted.) Thanks again for checking us out!

Good luck and visit our other pages if you want to lose weight and your tired of being led around.

High Protein High Fiber

she weighs 35 lbs

There are lots of foods out there that you can eat which break down into components that are not readily stored as fat for energy. By reading our other pages you are in the know that dietary fiber passes through the body and is not stored as adipose tissue (or fat) but there are certain combinations as whole foods which utilize fiber and other such nutrients to the effect of passing right through the digestive system leaving little behind in your behind.

Now, keep in mind that fat loss is not the same as weight loss. We lose weight here losing either fat, muscle mass, liquids, or other substances.  Getting on the scale every morning will not necessarily tell you if you’re having healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss is considered losing fat and not lean muscle mass. Losing water is pretty much neutral as far as health is considered, though the effects of this weight loss is often very temporary as water levels in the body fluctuate at greater rates.

green beans are a high protein food with a good amount of fiber to boot!A good way to ensure you’re losing fat without losing lean muscle mass is by making sure most of the food you eat has a lot of proteins, little saturated fat and if you’re taking the low-carb approach, higher fat with lower amounts of sugars and starches. Consistency is key as bad as the last thing to be burned for energy considering how our bodies (as opposed to our minds) value fat for all of its life-sustaining power.

Even though we recommend eating lean protein, we’re not acknowledging the myth that fat makes you fat, it’s just that lean meats have a higher protein to fat ratio and since meat fats typically have a lot of saturated fat, lean meats are healthier for your heart. Here’s a short list of foods that conform to the lean protein model, buddy:

  • Protein powder (believe it or not!) (99% protein by weight)
  • salmon (though it has fat, its mostly “good” fat)
  • chicken (there is actually only a 6% difference in white meat vs. dark as far as fat content)
  • wild game (animals that are free to roam around not only taste better, they have lower fat and higher protein)
  • Beans (the “musical fruit”)
  • Legumes
  • Tofu (not just for hippies)
  • Soy milk (just for hippies)
    Nuts, I forgot the last one!
    Oh yeah!…
  • Nuts

Nuts are a good source of protein and fiberThe reason protein is ideal for us (aside for weight loss purposes) is that it is used to sustain body systems more useful in our modern lifestyle. Way way back in the day, having lots of fat on your body was a good thing because of the inadequacy of shelter and the lack of central heating, not to mention long spells without food which in today’s world is only a problem for the poverty-stricken.  Our bodies change slower than our society and that’s why fat has become an undesirable thing. (It’s funny, we don’t want it because we used to and we changed our minds too fast.)

In addition to lean protein and our body needs fiber (as indicated above) fiber in lean protein together are powerful combination which will help you reach your weight loss goals quickly with minimal effort…it’s not too good to be true!

Fiber is the thing which helps everything move her body and mitigates the negative effects of too much protein. In fact to work together to supply us with almost everything the body needs. Of course fat is important, but only certain kinds of fat and really…we only need a small amount. (Sugars and starches are probably the least important.)

Here’s a list of the best sources of dietary fiber:

  • crude corn bran (86% by weight!)
  • psyllium seed husk (74% by weight! commonly sold as fiber supplements like Metamucil)
  • cinnamon (55% by weight, too bad its a spice)
  • nuts (most of them at least, almonds have 12% by weight)
  • whole grain (not to be confused with whole wheat) bread and pasta
  • toasted wheat germ (15% by weight)
  • dried coconut (about 17% by weight)
  • beans (navy beans are the best, 10% by weight)

And just because high fiber fruit is rare (and you’ll be craving fruit):

  • passion fruit (10% by weight)
  • raspberries/blackberries (6% by weight)

Both protein and fiber dampen the insulin response. The insulin response triggers accelerated fat storage. Having a high protein high fiber diet means we are getting less sugars and starches too, which also helps here.  It’s a twofold system so it is especially effective. And is a boon that bans the bane of Willfort Brimelys biggest enemies diahbeetis, also known as diabetes (and by proxy, diahbeetis testing supplies).

Small frequent meals of high protein high carb foods are ideal. If you eat 2000 calories daily for example, the best way is in five 400 calorie meals or  better yet, eight 250 calorie meals.  It is recommended to still get your food in meals though…dont distribute a 2000 calorie meal into fifty 40 calorie or a hundred 20 calorie snacks!  Not only does it get harder to track your calories when you eat a ton of tiny tiny meals (especially with such rich and fiberous foods) it will often lead to some bizarre and unhealthy habits.

The small meal high protein high fiber approach is a well established means of healthy weight loss which will help you reach your weight loss goals faster and easier than you ever thought!

What Makes Us Hungry

<h2>What Makes Us Hungry and What Makes Us Full?</h2>

hand holding out an appleFrequently at Liquid Diet Weight Loss Blog we delve into the details on diet and weight loss concepts. This is very helpful, particularly if you are trying to lose weight. Bear with us, it may seem more complicated than it really is.

There are several ways to tackle hunger. Each of these “ways” are really food attributes. Particular qualities and attributes of the foods we eat determine how full we become. Before I list those, let’s look at what makes us hungry and full, chemically and biologically.

The feeling of hunger is our body talking to itself. Our brain and stomach are regularly exchanging information, it is meant to be purely functional, so we don’t hear it. Our stomach will release specific chemicals when certain events are triggered which is its way of talking to the brain and the brain will do….lots of things. In fact the brain is always doing things, and things with those things, and things with the things it did with those things. This continuum makes it hard to really understand the brains role. Thankfully, the functions of the stomach, relatively simple and isolated are enough to get the gist.

What Makes Us Hungry?

There are a ton of factors which contribute to hunger such as seeing food and thinking about it, experiencing entertainment and boredom, but the unconscious aspects of hunger are the most significant. Signals sent from cells lacking certain nutrients, individual neural predispositions and many other internal factors are at the heart of our feelings of hunger and fullness alike.

Calories equate to energy, though with the rather unique way our bodies work, they aren’t as important in terms of hunger and fullness.  Its like if you were to put some kind of super gas into your car.  Three gallons of this gas will give you twice as many miles as regular fuel.  Your gas meter will go down slower, though it will still read three gallons.  Your gas meter is the only measure of gas in the car, so if the car had to guess, it would think it has three gallons of energy.  The same is true to how our bodies work.  Consider our stomachs the gas tank.

Ghrein is a hormone which plays possibly the biggest role in our feelings of hunger. It is produced when the stomach is empty and circulates in the bloodstream, crossing into the brain where it does a number of things.

Ghrelin stimulates the parts of the brain which contain Neuropeptide Y.  This is no small player in satiation…Neuropeptide Y is capable of producing bouts of ravenous hunger all by itself.  It is released in small amounts when the responsible part of the brain (the arcuate nucleus) is activated. This neural machine is also activated by many other things and in many ways but having an empty stomach is the main cue.

Of course, what makes us hungry as a chemical response alone wouldn’t really be anything without everyones favorite function of their brain.  “Completion” of this cycle (eating when hungry) triggers our brains pleasure reward link (the mesolimbic cholinergic-dopaminergic reward link.)  So, aside from not dying, eating feels good.  There is a mind bogglingly confusing science behind this, but who cares.

The long and short of what makes us hungry is that it is unavoidable, though controllable.  Developing self control and habits can directly affect this cycle. Also, appetite suppressants can significantly and directly slow this process.

What makes us feel full after eating certain amounts is not as much the lack of ghrelin production but another process altogether.

What Makes Us Full

What makes us full is also driven by a chemical response. What makes us full is equally complex to what makes us hungry There is a key hormone which plays a major role: Leptin

Leptin is produced by body in proportion to the amount of adipose tissue. The amount of Leptin is typically consistant with blood lipid levels. While this main determining factor for the amount of leptin in the body and the bodies leptin resistance is consistant, there are a number of other factors which can make our leptin/fullness response somewhat variable.

Factors that lower leptin levels (making it harder to feel full) are generally common.  These factors include being a male, hormone imbalance, emotional or physical stress and many others. All of which have certain other undesirable characteristics and typically are avoided for more than just this reason. There is a lot of information out there for a further understanding of how to maintain high leptin levels.  Its time for the foods that make you full.

What Qualities of Food Make Us Full?

Food that contains a lot of fiber and more protein than the combination of fat and carbs generally will make us feel full.  As far as the amounts of carbs and fat, balancing these actively with changing cravings is optimal.  This is a very general guideline, it is not written in stone…there are a lot of tips and hints all over liquid-dietweightloss.com to help you figure out what the best food and drink is to make you feel full.  For the sake of killing birds with stones, here is a short list of some of these foods:

High fiber foods

  • whole grain products instead of processed grain products
  • fruits like peaches, apricots, plums or prunes, kiwi (eat the skin), berries (especially blackberries) and oranges
  • vegetables like turnips (6 grams per cup), okra, sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash and spinach
  • BEANS! Field beans (almost 20g per cup) The other high fiber beans are broad beans, lentils, black beans, pinto beans and chick peas.
  • psyllium husk, wheat, rasin and barley bran cereals.  Psyllium Husk is 70% fiber and the main ingredient in many fiber suppliments.

There you have it!  Using this list and the useful, though long winded information above, you can make sure your always full without expanding.

Understanding Your Metabolism

I’m 28, and my metabolism hasn’t kicked out yet like everyone said it would. I don’t think this is something that ever has to happen or really makes too much sense when you think about it. what is metabolism, anyway? There is an answer, and I am pretty sure most of the diet supplement marketers aren’t 100% sure of what it is. The thing is, the metabolism is a LOT of different things put together. By “things” I mean organs doing stuff and the processes themselves. By “put together” I mean the organs are all connected, like some sort of…human centipede.
Everything is done in a sequence, so this whole process of metabolizing (from the time you’ve eaten the food to moments before you flush the toilet) is not viewed as a whole but as individual processes.
There are several key processes of human metabolism. I am only going to go over the ones at points where they can be manipulated.
Of course, we can limit the amount of food we take in, starting the metabolic process. I want to reinforce that this is not the beginning of the process. Our bodies and minds are dynamically linked prior to eating we have desire to eat, or hunger. When levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin change, one of the results is hunger…but what causes these hormones to change? Ghrelin levels in obese people are lower than normal. In those with anorexia nervosa they have been shown to be very high. Studies done on people with low body fat, who dont suffer from anorexia have nocturnal ghrelin increases…this points to a possible biological resistance to ghrelin both atomatically or in the case of anorexia, neuropathic ghrelin resistance.
Overall, our appetites are able to be controlled if we control these two hormones ghrelin and leptin. Many people today use appetite suppressant’s to control their psychological reaction to these levels triggering hunger. Most appetite suppressant’s have the negative side effects associated with stimulants and amphetamines. There are a few however that don’t have stimulant properties:
There are several non-stimulant means of controlling your appetite: hot peppers eaten at the point you feel hungry can make the desire to eat a little bit less for a short period of time. After which there several means of preparing and eating the food itself that will reduce a little hunger and help you avoid overshooting the biological response to stop eating respectively, basically by cooking your own food, and eating it slowly. there are several more of these you can find online. Try googling difference words and phrases like “keep hunger at bay” and “reduce the appetite”. Make sure to include “-” (the minus sign) before any words that would rule out stimulants or any quality of weight loss strategy or product that you don’t wants. Of course there is a lot we can affect our weight by what we eat. The proportion of carbohydrates to fat to protein in our food choices is very important. Read more about that here: lowcarblowfat.net

There are not many things we can do after the point of hunger for weight loss.  The main idea here is to reduce the energy stored from metabolism occurs after this point. We would have already eaten the normal amount to bring us to fullness And we are trying to minimize the amount of stored energy from that food. At this point it’s useful to remember the usefulness of exercise! Exercise uses energy before it gets to the storage phase, which you can read more about at lowcarblowfat.net as I mentioned to earlier.

Exercise is an essential part of any kind of comprehensive weight loss plan, Another thing is that weight loss supplements aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be, even the stimulants. It is something that encourages you to make healthier choices when eating. The key idea is to not take a weight loss supplement or appetite suppressant that is too strong for you as you should be eating 6 to 7 times a day (small meals) to maximize any of the weight loss or diet efforts you are currently doing.

Low Carbohydrate Diets for Weight Loss


Carbohydrates are divided into two major types: simple and complex.

Simple carbohydrates

alpha-d glucose, small by comparison

alpha-d glucose, small by comparison

Simple carbs are sugars, (also known as simple sugars or monosaccharides). Simple sugars are found in candy and refined sugars but also in dairy products, fruits and many vegetables. They are usually colorless crystaline solids that dissolve easily in water. Some examples are: fructose, glucose, galactose, ribose and xylose. Disaccharides, which include sucrose (the most common type of refined sugar) are not technically simple carbohydrates though they behave much in the same way.

Complex carbohydrates

Amylopektin sections

A section of an amylopektin chain. Much larger as it is only a section

“Made” from simple carbohydrates, meaning that complex carbohydrates are broken down into simple carbohydrates. If you are on a low carb weight loss diet, complex carbohydrates are not as bad as simple ones (including sucrose for all intents and purposes). Complex carbohydrates digest more slowly which helps to keep your blood sugar from spiking and causing a fat producing insulin spike. Complex carbohydrates include starches, though the best ones (meaning the ones that digest the slowest) will be found in grains and legumes like whole wheat grain, steel cut oats and whole barley. The simple rule of thumb is in the ratio of dietary fiber to complex carbs in the food. Since you have to consume some carbohydrates, look for ones with high amounts of dietary fiber or ones that come from whole sources. If you find it hard to go without bread, take a look at these low carb bread recipes!


Low Carb Weight Loss Diets

low carb pumpkin bread from lowcarbbreadrecipes.com

Low Carb, high fiber Maple Anise Pumpkin Bread, click the picture to see the recipe!

Low carb diets limit the amount of carbohydrates you consume, believe it or not. Carbohydrates in this case would include grains, starchy vegetables and fruit. They don’t include non-digestible carbohydrates like dietary fiber. These diets are generally for weight loss although some may claim there are additional health benefits. A low carb weight loss plan will definitely help you lose weight and there may even be some validity to their claims of warding off heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes and other illnesses. With a low carb weight loss plan (that includes plenty of dietary fiber), you’ll be sure to keep your appetite at bay as your body stores less energy as fat. There are lots of success stories with low carb diets, particularly the Atkins diet though you have to be sure to get your supply of dietary fiber to avoid some of the health risks associated with this dramatic change in diet. Of course, this is true for any diet.

The basics of a low carb weight loss plan are simple…

It is recommended to do it in phases, like with the Atkins diet:

Phase one: this is the ketogenic diet phase which includes the lowest amount of carbs per day (the Atkins diet limits you to less than 20 g for this phase). Note that carbohydrates do not include sugar alcohol’s, fiber or glycerin. Very few of these carbs allowed during phase 1 should be from simple sugars, rather they should come from complex carbohydrates, like fruits and non-starchy vegetables. This diet kick starts a process called ketosis, where the body goes into overdrive burning fat. An indicator that ketosis in the body has started include a metallic taste in your mouth and your breath smelling sweet. During this phase you should see the greatest results. Don’t forget to exercise and drink plenty of water. And no booze!

a breakdown of various ketogenic diets

a breakdown of various ketogenic diets

Phase two: during this phase, low carb weight loss dieters will increase carbohydrate intake a little bit each day. The Atkins diet suggests an increase of 5 g a day. It is important to learn which of these foods you add affects your craving for carbohydrates the most. These are the foods you should stick with when adding carbs. You are supposed to add certain foods in a certain order, according to the Atkins method. These foods, and the order in which they are to be added can be found here. You stay in this phase until you are close to your target weight.

Phase three: during this phase you continue to increase your carbohydrate intake though at a smaller interval than phase two. The Atkins diet recommends increasing carbohydrate intake by ~10 g per week until you find the amount of carbohydrates you can stick with for the rest of your life. Since ketosis will no longer be occurring by now, it is largely a matter of weighing yourself every week (or even more frequently…also, you will no longer have sweet smelling puppy breath, sorry.) You should be noting the amount of carbs and the types of foods you are eating along with your weight so that you can determine a list of foods to eat that won’t lead to weight gain which you can maintain permanently.

Phase four: basically, this is not so much a phase as it is a diet for the rest of your life. At this point you should be comfortable and have little to no cravings. The previous phases included paying close attention to your food selection and cravings in order to eliminate them. There are a number of strategies to reducing cravings, like eating whole foods and making sure you include lots of dietary fiber. There are also some more unorthodox methods and there are always appetite suppressants (though these are not recommended for the long term.) You can find a lot of methods by searching online. If you include the word “blog” or “forum” in your search you will find methods with feedback from people who have tried them. That way you’re not flying blindly.

While there are plenty of fad diets and crappy diet advice out there, there are also lots of effective diets and advice for you to find. The low carbohydrate diet can be supplemented with many methods, tips and tricks to maximize effectiveness. However, make sure the things that you add to the diet are allowed on your low carb weight loss plan.

Thank you for reading! Good luck and remember to listen to your body and never sacrifice your safety or your health.

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